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10 thoughts on “chloeteaselive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. Have your lawyer serve him. Its not his decision on whether you divorce him or not.

    I dont know how you can say he is the love of your life and he cares about you. The rest of your post shows its not true.

  2. Nah dude, it's weird as fuck that you just watch pork. Like you watch it while it's cooking or in the freezer?

    Can you just watch porn like a normal person instead of pork?


  3. Here’s the thing: Leave if the porn is too much. Don’t ask Reddit and then make excuses to stay.

  4. Are you frequently turning him down for sex?

    Ask him, why he’s uncomfortable in your bed. He hasn’t actually explained the problem, only the real for his solution.

  5. You’ve become a tennis widow.

    I always find funny when someone develops an unhealthy bond with a healthy behavior.

    You should have a serious talk about this with him if he’s not receptive or doesn’t change his behavior let him go

  6. Maybe some people need a wake up call that certain behaviour isn't tolerated to really change? It's admirable you care so much for her, but it doesn't sound like it's reciprocated as she's taking it all out on you.

  7. You should approach her, and tell her that you really don't think she was joking. Tell her, that you love her, but as she has said, want to keep her only for yourself. Tell her it isn't going to change, and that she should think and give you a serious answer, will she be fine staying with you in a monogamous relationship for the rest of your lives?

    Tell her, if not you will understand it, but can't stay with her.

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