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Date: September 28, 2022

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  1. Lol that’s what your friend gets. Now she’s pregnant at a young age now she’s going to be a mom with nothing but responsibilities and will not get to explore her youth. Your friend was never your friend and you should never talk to her again. Support your sister that husband of hers is a douchebag and I hope karma bites him in the butt

  2. My only question is would your children come after his siblings as well?

    Because I can understand that they as essentially children come before you, but would your future kids also fall into that pattern? What about vacations or trips? Would you be able to go or will it be a situation in which you can’t leave the home together?

    In any case it’s good that you feel better and at peace with the decision.

  3. Pack your things before you speak to his parents. Or don’t talk to the parents at all other than a goodbye while you’re packing your car. They may support you leaving but they also may call him. Based on what you have written he will react angrily and lash out with words to cut you so low you’ll stay – or worse he’ll get violent (throwing things and punching walls counts). When you leave, mute his calls and texts and go no contact for at least a while so you can get your head together. You will/do feel lonely, conflicted, and maybe nostalgic. Please remember he is not the person you wish him to be – those moments of good you saw were flashes not his baseline personality.

    You’ll likely get all kinds of different reactions (anger, sadness, belittling, sweet talk, him talking about other women to make you jealous and feel ugly) from him the more you stay away because he’ll be trying to figure out which one manipulates you back to him. He may threaten to kill himself which is a common tactic for abusers; if he does that, tell him you’re calling the police/his friends/family to do a wellness check on him.

    This is not a man you want to spend your life with. Partners build you up and support you. They do not tear you down. You are worthy of love. You deserve kindness and compassion. Start by giving it to yourself. You can do hot things. Good luck.

  4. Nope. I sound exacting in my standards. I won’t settle for childishness and this is exactly what picky eaters are to me. Short of having a medical condition there is no reason why I should give up what I enjoy to be with someone who eats like a five year old.

    I am only exhausting to people who can’t meet my standard. Fortunately, there are plenty of people for me to date that aren’t picky eaters.

    They can date each other and live off chicken fingers and mashed potatoes.

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