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Date: October 2, 2022

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  1. a relation ship isn't 2 halves coming together to make a whole. It's two wholes who make something completely new.

    It's not fair to expect the other to tread water with you till you both die.

    That said, if there is something wrong, We should try to help as best we can and in turn we should see meaningful progress to recovery.

    There is no right answer here. I think you need to address these issues head on (easier said then done) and if he doesn't show meaningful signs of change, he doesn't respect you enough to do it and you should not be in a marriage like that. Either way, focus on helping him best you can, but dont drown with him either. Either choice is VERY tough but not making a choice means youll be stuck in this limbo.

  2. That feels a little to harsh to me. And frankly, impractical to execute but I didn’t add the other details so you wouldn’t know.

    It’s a 45 min drive for me, 5 min for her as I live in the country and she’s in close proximity to the foodie part of the city. It takes me about 40 min to get cleaned up to go out (I do barn chores in the am before work and at linch so have to clean up) and she likes to meet early—like 4:30–so I also have to block time off in my work calendar starting at 3 so I can get out the door on time.

    But I feel the general sentiment and feel like I want to say something along those lines. I just don’t know how much of this is “real” medical issue and how much is depression where maybe I should push OR back off.

    If she were one of my close friends, it would be easy. But I don’t know enough about her situation and we don’t have the dynamic where I can just be “bitch what up? I have a life too. Get it together or tell me what’s really going on” Which is totally what I might say to one of my close friends in a similar sitch.

    Thanks for your response.

  3. “Guy I'm seeing exclusively for over a year” is what we normally call a boyfriend, and this one cheated on you.

  4. Ok, but my (boomer) dad does do this. He also thinks 'lol' means 'lots of love', so I get messages like 'your aunt died. LOL ☹️.'

  5. If she's keeping videos of herself being intimate with her ex, assume she will do the same with any videos or nudes she gets from you. Also, depending on how old her and her ex were in the video, it'd fall under CP. She would wanna be careful.

  6. You are both gossips who told people they shouldn't have so you kind of made this mess yourself


    But since you and your bosses relationship is not the same as you and your boyfriends relationship I suspect this is a sign of things to come for you are your boyfriend

    Already engaged after 7 months is a red flag as well

    How well do you really know the guy?

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