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Date: October 1, 2022

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  1. What's not okay is calling you a chaser for no reason, and saying she settled for you. That's a big no-no. She acted like a huge asshole, and her friends are even worse.

    I mean…to play devil's advocate here, we don't know that she was calling him a chaser “for no reason”.

    I am obviously done with this relationship but I am now thinking twice about dating another trans person if i'm just going to be labelled a chaser for being interested in them.

    I'm going to be the “biphobic bad trans girl” here and say that there's a possibility that OP sought her out specifically for her transness because he has a fantasy about finding “a woman with a cock”. This kind of trans fetishization is NOT uncommon amongst bisexual cis men. Most bi cis men seem more attracted to femininity overall but many gravitate towards penises sexually, and so they think trans women are going to be the way to have sex with penises while satisfying their overall attraction to femininity.

    What they DO NOT take into account is that trans women aren't women with a cis man's fully functional cock conveniently slapped onto our bodies. The people who say things like “I love women but I prefer cock sexually, so trans women are ThE bEsT oF bOtH wOrLdS a great solution for me!” usually seem to not be taking into account the typical physiological and mental reality that the VAST MAJORITY of trans women want nothing to do with their penises, that HRT often makes getting erections really difficult and sometimes impossible, and that even for the minority of us who like our penises and have had okay results keeping penile function on HRT, lots of us are still incredibly grossed out by being sought out in specific because of our junk and being sought out specifically to top someone/receive BJs, because it's a surefire way to tell me that this person is seeking an unrealistic trans porn fantasy and not a real human being.

    Basically it perpetuates the typical oppressive status quo that a trans woman is only sexually desirable if she plays up the trans porno fantasy, and that she's “broken” and unworthy sexually if she doesn't want her penis engaged with like is shown in trans porn, or god forbid she actually get rid of her penis–get out the smelling salts because chasers across the nation just fainted in unison at the mention of MtF SRS–because then she's just irreparably “ruined” according to these types.

    I'm not saying OP is 100% a chaser but the fact that he's willing to write off trans people as a whole due to a bad experience with one says to me that he's being equally as transphobic as his girlfriend is being biphobic, and that we're getting a very biased one-sided view of this situation.

    OP could have approached her for reasons that are chasery and fetishizing, and his last line is a variation on something I've heard hundreds of chasers say over the years. It's a form of negging, “you should be grateful I'm even into you freaks, you cry about about how no one wants to date you and then when someone wants to suck your dick like a hoover and spin on your dick like a dreidel shows the tiniest bit of interest you call them a ~chaser~, I can't win with you uppity tr@nnies!”


  2. You might want to consult with an attorney about how to get the rights to those photos back or force him to delete. The porn ones aren’t acceptable. I always warn women with the boudoir shoots that someone can publish your pics if you give them rights.

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