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  1. Talk to him and say exactly that. You are anxious bc you fear it escalating into violence on you. Then suggest you two search for healthier ways for him to express anger

  2. “Hey [partner], Years ago I was very self conscious about my chin so I got a cosmetic surgery to make myself more comfortable and confident. With us getting married soon I've been having strange thoughts like I should come clean or that you wouldn't like me if you knew and I don't like feeling like I have a secret to keep from you. What do you think about that?”

  3. People in this thread are over the top. Is this a problem? Yeah. But nobody is broken and this isn't anything that can't be fixed with couples therapy.

  4. I feel you, man. I've been through a similar experience, and it sucks – something has to change; as you've recognised, you can't keep living like this. I'll give a bit of my wisdom:

    Therapy needs to be a priority for yourself. If you're not set on divorce, couples therapy could help with a lot of the issues (division of chores is incredibly simple for a trained third-party to help with), however things may be beyond the point of no return. Personally, I think that point came when she hit you, but that's your call to make. Regardless, it sounds like you have a lot of pent-up frustration and worries to work through, and a therapist will make you feel a lot better throughout this process.

    The only other point I'll make from my experience is this: people are resilient, when they have to be. I honestly thought my ex would be dead within a month of me leaving her, and she did too, but it has been years now and we are both a lot happier with our lives now. She was 100% dependent on me in almost every aspect of life, but when she was forced to adjust she did.

  5. What are you doing? Outside of the violence aspect that you're sweeping under the rug you have to walk him into good behaviour like he's a child, he's not motivated to do it on his own.

    Why are you with a person who so clearly doesn't want to put any of the work or effort into their own behaviour that is the cornerstone of a functional relationship. You can't uphold a good relationship all by yourself when he doesn't care, he's not invested in himself enough to express anger differently. He's a child, emotionally, you have a physical adult and a mental child you are dealing with.

    You're 19, why are you wasting your time raising a grown man? He should be doing that for himself.

    Get yourself together this is very one-sided you want a good relationship and he doesn't give a s***. Go work on yourself and love yourself so you don't feel the need to baby grown man into borderline acceptable behaviour and you justifying it like oh I love him he's so great, I love him, I'm helping him but there's other people out there who aren't garbage and already working on themselves aren't going to have violent temper tantrums. You can't make anyone do something they don't want to do for themselves. He's an adult who lacks the reflection to actually treat his girlfriend like he likes her because if you left he would find another one and that's the truth he's not invested he doesn't care you doesn't care about stuff for himself. Be real with yourself 4 five seconds.

  6. You seem to operate under the idea that this juggernaut of selfish impulsivity will not only appreciate the freedom you give her but will closely observe the stated and assumed boundaries of it.

    Both are likely incorrect. The more you offer, the more will be expected and taken where you present token resistance.

    Understand that the frenzy of activity and attachment for a 2 week random blows your supposed flexibly and structured ‘relationship’ out of the water.

    You dont have one. You have words and self reassurance. This is no more real than writing a gazillionty-five dollars on a piece of paper and trying to buy Mozambique with it. It is a construct of your hope and imagination only, no doubt encouraged by the person that seems to make decisions based on a wheel o bullshit spin. Your belief and capitulations to keep the fiction making sense to you are as real as it gets.

    Let her of as she pleases and seek out someone you do not have to incessantly five way to, that cares for you enough to compromise or shocker – not have their way at all times and provoke mental episodes to browbeat you to meek acceptance.

  7. She’s trying to keep you interested without having sex. You have to keep your sex life to live or it will damage the relationship permanently.

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