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Date: September 30, 2022

19 thoughts on “Canelitacute live! webcams for YOU!

  1. Lighten up, she was flirting back. I personally hate baby talk but, that’s what she was doing, not offering commentary on the state of your gherkin.

  2. I’m going to be making appointments with a therapist as well as a psychiatrist, and I recently started antidepressants but it’s been too soon to see if they’re working

  3. Except they were not dating so she had no obligation to him.

    Just because it was deep and meaningful to him doesn’t make it automatically deep and meaningful to her

  4. Why are you putting up being treated this way?

    This sounds like a completely reasonable thing to end the relationship over.

    You're living your life how you want, you are making choices that you think is appropriate it… and he shits on you for doing things that are innocent in your mind.

  5. See, if you want to be a kept woman you still have to contribute something to the relationship. What are you contributing? Nothing, you sit around doing nothing and he's supposed to pay off your debts ???

  6. He picked at what he knew was an insecurity and a vulnerability of hers, and he did it to hurt her.

    That is unacceptable behaviour from a spouse.

  7. First off, misandry Secondly, science would say otherwise. Third, it's not a man thing, it's a douche thing.

  8. Ok so your boundary doesn't mean you get to dictate what she does.

    Boundary: I don't date people who smoke. Break up with her.

    Controlling Toxic Behaviour: I don't date people who smoke so you can't smoke.

    Break up with her. The relationship is done.

  9. Yeah, so many people are fragile as fuck. Also, I am so confused at what his “joke” even was, how do pancakes and pussies look anything the same. I feel like he was making some joke about him “destroying her pussy” and OP took it the wrong way.

  10. I don't think you know what bridezilla or groomzilla means. Stop using words incorrectly, and actually dole out sane and realistic advice to people instead of incorrectly insulting them. And please never have or attend a wedding with these notions.

  11. He’s cheating. Whether on her or you is up for debate, but he’s definitely sleeping with her if he spent 5 nights with her. Cut your loses and move on. You’re too young for this shitshow.

  12. So i am with this guy for like 3-4 months

    we just had a baby together.

    We don’t even know each other THAT well.


  13. My wife and I have our own accounts and a shared account solely for paying bills and groceries. It works great and I don't know why any other dual-income couple wouldn't do the same. I buy what I want and she buys what she wants. When we go on vacation or whatever, we each transfer our portion into the shared account. We each have our direct deposit setup to send a portion of our paychecks straight to the shared account. We can make as many horrible decisions as we want and we know the money is going to be in that shared account because it never touches our individual accounts.

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