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  1. I am engaged and she always asks for expensive gifts, which I did not have any issue with till now. I pay for almost all of her flights, and I pick the bill the majority of the time.

    Stop enabling parasitic behavior.

    The question to myself is why did she feel comfortable asking for expensive gifts even though we are not married?

    Because she was using you and taking advantage of your ignorance. Her offer was never genuine and was only proposed to perpetuate your naivety.

  2. Grow your own mustache, and say you won’t shave it off until he does. If you’re not particularly hirsute, maybe buy a fake one?

  3. The wife's health and safety is already at risk. Who knows how many women he's cheating with, he could give her an STD and she wouldn't suspect him

  4. yeah lol I’ve heard that one before. I’d think the same way, but he had no idea it was happening until they literally added him into the groupchat while they were kicking me out.

  5. Block him, focus on yourself, take time and heal. I know you want to reach out because he is the other half of this, but he’s really not. Lean on your friends and family for support.

  6. People are unoriginal and get their ideas from the other stories, which is why the conflicts on here revolve around bridesmaids/mother in law/etc

    If it was real I'd say that having a hyphenated name, it is a huge pain and parents being petty about it has caused legal messes for me. He didn't want it hyphenated for good reasons, but now that baby mama doesn't want it hyphenated, those same reasons are bad.

    Poor kid

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