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Date: September 29, 2022

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  1. He sounds abusive and you need to step away. This is a very minor incident and by the way he is handling it, i don’t want to think how he will react to something serious. Please protect yourself from this guy.

  2. Yeah, she just doesn't disclose it the this thread , only some of it in the comments. Would you like your partner being inlove with them or your partner being inlove with?

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  4. You felt this way for a year and a half? You're stringing her along man. If you can't see yourself marrying her, why are you with her? Long-term relationships are there because there is an intention to marry. If you don't have an intention, you should end things. You're with her because you don't want to be single, because it is convenient… until some other girl comes along that you do truly really want to marry. That's not cool.

  5. Don't do the hormone therapy unless it's what YOU want.

    My first instinct was to dump his ass, but on second reading feel more information is needed.

    He likes big breasts but he has never complained of mine, he gives them attention, finds them sexy and so on. However, I know that he doesn't like them. He only accepts and loves them because they are on me and he loves me.

    How do you know this? Could this just be your insecurity talking?

    Last night he asked if I had ever taken anything for my boobs.

    Was this unprompted, or were you already talking about your boobs? It's possible he was concerned about how you feel about your breasts and is trying to propose a solution.

  6. OP would be creating additional new humans and gambling massive amounts of money on building a life with this guy. It’s not unreasonable to want a contract to ensure she won’t be totally fucked over if the partnership dissolves. The stakes are high and if OP needs that to feel safe, she should make sure she finds someone who’s willing to give her that.

  7. The only solution is to hire an attorney and sue for a custody agreement. It should be done immediately. Assuming that your name is on the birth certificate, you will get an equitable solution from the court. Best wishes.

  8. That is absolutely not normal and is something he should've never, ever, ever told you. I shudder at the thought of mentioning that to any of the serious partners I've had. Like it would break their fucking heart so much I can't fathom saying that. This is absolutely none of my business, but hey you're posting it publicly on Reddit… But if you want to salvage this relationship this needs to be brought up in therapy, 100%. Maybe hearing from a therapist that his sexual tendencies is unhealthy will knock some sense in to him.

    You don't deserve this, and this is extremely unhealthy and detrimental to your emotional well being. I hope you either get him the help he needs or you kick him out. This is unacceptable.

  9. You seem like a genuinely awesome dude. Daniella really screwed herself out of a rare one. Good luck to you brother.

  10. I'd let her know she needs to set the record straight with her family if she wants to continue the relationship.

  11. Guessing her family isn't taking his bullshit like she is, and it's “so incredibly hurtful” to him when people aren't constantly sucking up, walking on eggshells around him and worshipping the ground he stands on.

    Also cutting off family, friends and support networks is very typical in abusive relationships.

  12. Normal reaction for a victim of serious abuse? Absolutely. And that’s my point. That OP needs help. His reactions are all signs that this is not a normal situation and that OP has been traumatized

  13. Yeah OPs boyfriend is a reckless idiot that could have got OP shot. The roomate didn't do anything wrong, given the information she had and it was on OPs boyfriend to update… especially knowing at least one of his roomates would would be willing to pull a gun on an intruder.

  14. He did break your trust. But you probably shouldn't have told him too. Now you know what not to do.

    Now you know he can't be trusted with bits like that. And other bits of your life too. I bet he's the type who'd talk about you and your family/friends or gossip.

  15. Here's the thing: I actually have experience with a situation almost exactly like this where my best friend was long term engaged with a guy (with him 8 years) and COVID hit etc. Among a lot of things he didn't help her with doing and the fact he was hiding how bad his handling of his finances were, he gained weight which I described as going “full Homer Simpson” because due to her upbringing she was the picture of a diligent housewife cooking meals, looking after her kid, and cleaning up whilst having a full time job.

    My friend ended up opening up to me on a night out the truth that things were kinda rocky between her and him and how they haven't been having sex cause she found herself not attracted to him anymore due to the weight, but especially because it had gotten to the point that when they did have sex, the weight of him on top of her actually caused her pain.

    We went through all the stages. I didn't outright tell her to leave him. As me and my partner have a brutal honesty policy (we're honest to each other as much as possible, even if it might hurt feelings – it's a loophole to my anxious overthinking) I asked her if she talked to him about it at all and she said she had mentioned it a few times in conversation/arguments but he seemed to overlook what she said and keep doing what he was doing. He didn't try to lose weight or improve on himself to become more attractive to his fiancée but because he “needed” sex to feel like they were close he tried to initiate sex in the most unattractive ways possible.

    Long story short, she ended up leaving him and only then, ALL OF A SUDDEN, he started going to the gym and lost a bunch of weight as if she'd suddenly take him back and as if it'd erase the memories of him being desperate and gross towards the end from her mind.

    If you really do feel like you care about this guy as a person and still want to be with him, then you're gonna have to have this uncomfortable talk regardless of if he's sensitive about it or not. Because right now he doesn't know what the problem is and he's making you the problem by providing you with this ultimatum of “more sex or we'll be done”. Part of caring about someone enough to want to be with them is also wanting as much time as possible to experience life with them, so maybe approaching it from the health aspect and not just the sex aspect might make it a bit easier to broach the subject.

  16. Quits. You can't fix this. And don't stick around and be complaining about the exact same thing five years from now!

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