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Date: September 24, 2022

19 thoughts on “Camilaagomezz live webcams for YOU!

  1. Not really much here to work off of. What’s the problem? What boundaries are you trying to set? How does she act towards you?

  2. Not sure what you mean by “intimate soap” but you should not be using anything other than unscented soap and water. Anything else will throw off your ph and make you smell. I’m not saying your bf isn’t an asshole for making you feel bad or nasty for not brushing his teeth (he is), but if you’re using one of those products marketed to make women smell like flowers and sunshine he may have been correct.

  3. Although I understand what u/Cabbage_Patch_Itch is saying that you need to do the dishes i was in a similar situation, and it seems like me, your time is limited, so in this case, the basic advice of, just do the dishes sir, doesn't work. You need a counselor.

    I was working about 50 hours a week and wife was studying for her master's plus she had a part time job. I didn't have as many tasks as you do, but on top of what i had to do, sometimes i had to clean, do dishes. Problem was, I didn't have enough time to do it, but my wife insisted I did it as she thought it wasn't fair she did all of it. My problem was, again, my work hours. Sometimes I was on call for work and an issue would take hours not minutes to resolve. As much as i wanted to do the dishes and my schedule looked free, I didn't have the power over the calls that came in. It was either dishes or telling the boss, sorry sir, i can't solve the on call issue b/c i got to do dishes.

    Resolution? Went to counseling and counselor help the wife understand that physically speaking, i could do the dishes, but realistically speaking, the situation was not black and white and she needed to be understanding. Wife understood that as much as i wanted to help, i simply couldn't.

    My advice to you, go to counseling, let her pick the counselor as long as is not a friend of hers. We had a female counselor, and she was very neutral.

  4. I agree with this. OP did something 5 out of 10 bad – if her boyfriend had gotten mad and a serious talk with her about respecting his boundaries in the future, I'd support him all the way. But the boyfriend reacted 10 out 10 bad. He threatened her with violence, the only reason he didn't elbow her was because she moved out of the way in time, and then he threw a box out at her head. It's batshit people are acting like this is the same level of toxic, it is not.

    OP needs to learn how to respect people's 'no' in her NEXT relationship. Threats and attempts of violence are the best indicator of future violence.

  5. If you can't trust her you shouldn't be with her. It's great that she's taking her therapist's advice and focusing on her mental health and you absolutely should not get in the way of that for your own sake. Has she done anything to actually make you not want to trust her to travel alone?

    Fwiw to actually answer your question, yes I would absolutely trust my s/o to travel alone, and in fact I travel alone myself (my next solo trip is planned for brazil where I'll be staying with a friend of gasp the opposite sex) and my s/o has 0 issue with it because I've never given him reason to doubt my loyalty. Healthy relationships have to be built upon a solid foundation of trust and respect or else they just won't last.

  6. Your Girl Friend insecurity's and jealousy is a HER problem, not yours.

    And you should be putting yourself first here, not your girl friends feelings.

    Tell her to harden up and get over it, or get lost.

  7. Maybe I'm being really obtuse, but I don't see why what you said was so terrible. It might not have been the best thing to say but I'd like to hear your wife explain why your comment was so dreadful that she can't forgive it.

  8. Ironically, I think the guy who your stbx is referring to that rejected the Nobel prize might be Sartre, whose whole philosophy boiled down to there being no one true form of human nature, so we must all find our own purpose in life. (Ironic because he's just trying to copy Captain America, instead of forming his own self).

    He also could be referencing Le Duc Tho, who rejected it ok principal because the person he won it with was a liar, and he didn't want to win it due to the deaths of so many others – which is being a good leader, not telling the idea of leadership to go F itself.

  9. You're married to a man who does drugs and gets wasted, and you're surprised at his bad decisions and shitty behavior?

    Please allow me to slightly correct this.

    This is what happens when you get married too young when People do this shit before they grow up and cop on.

  10. the best thing to do is to not reach out she made her decision she wanted to leave just focus on you and your priorities there will there most likely be a time where she comes back to talk to you because she’ll realize what she lost but in the meantime better yourself and don’t wait for her to reach out one of these days because it’ll stress you out

  11. You break up and say you could be friends one day but you both need many months to get over one another.

  12. If his budget is the issue, you should be honest and open to free plans. Does he cook for you instead? Go for a hike? Suggest a movie?

    Honestly, the lack of effort isn’t going to get better with time if you don’t call him on it now

  13. I don’t want to give him an ultimatum. As a psychology undergrad I know the importance and power of therapy but I also know it doesn’t work if the person doesn’t want it to work. If he does go just because I want him to then that’s not really going to benefit either of us.

  14. Well, you are absolutely correct and that's something I recently found about. I thought I made her see my point but later she tells me she hated doing it my way. I am trying to change that but that's really hot for me. I don't realize at the heat of the moment what I am doing is wrong. Later it comes to me “oh, she just told me and I did it again.” Saying I am sorry makes it worse as she begins to cry and say “yes, you did”. That's why I started social media. To pick up on such things on time and be more social.

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