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  1. What if it was a literal baby? Would she also have felt threatened by him changing a baby's diaper?

    Then again, someone like this . . . maybe.

  2. Well I was going to try that and he took their side, he came inquiring for more details and I was over it. He had 9 years to assess my character, if it wasn't enough to defend my loyalty then I was wasting my time trying. We broke, for good this time 🙁

  3. Fair enough, peeps. I can see that now, still feel like bf could’ve been a little nicer rather than blameful for me manipulating him, I did behave immature tho.

  4. Because we don’t reform or do anything of the sort in prison to break the cycle hence why so many end up back there for one reason or another.

    Depending on what landed OPs dad in prison, I’d be wary too.

  5. Shes in therapy. She has a lot of familial trauma and so I understand why she responds the way that she does, but that does not make her very emotional responses any more comfortable for either of us. I want her to work on her self-esteem both for her own sake and so that I can feel safe saying things like “It hurt me when you did this” without feeling like I’m crossing a huge boundary.

    At the end of the day it’s little things. She has little outbursts at me when she’s fed up at work and stuff like that. I can let things go and keep my mouth shut about things that hurt me but I don’t think it’s fair or right for me to do so. It is never a comfort that I am hurt by her actions, and when I address it, it is flipped around and by the end of the conversation I am comforting her and reassuring her. At the end of the conversation it’s always her talking about how she tries to be good to me and fails. Then she ends the conversation, goes cold, and she does something self destructive.

    I understand how it makes me look douchey to say “What about me” but at the end of the day, the self destructive behavior and the depression is a result of my genuine feelings of genuine mistreatment. She never addresses my feelings and tries to fix any of my concerns, nor does she stick around to comfort me when I am hurt. She only focuses how my feelings and concerns make her feel, like my emotions and concerns are at best, peripheral to her own self-loathing. It’s difficult to communicate that to her without perpetuating the cycle even further though

    As for things getting better on their own over time, I don’t think they would.

  6. I know that, but I'm saying she wasn't drunk. Trust me, I've seen her drunk and that was nowhere near it. I didn't just take her here without her knowing what goes down here. She knew. I told her how to act.

    Notably, if where you live you need to stand insults or risk being shot, it's a complete garbage fire, that any sane person would prefer to stay away from.

    All of us are aware of that, but it's not an option for almost everyone who stays here. Do you think ppl choose shitty areas and choose that to be their forever home bc they want to? Bc they don't, it's more like because they have to. I come back here bc all my business stuff with him is here, I have family & friends here, and it's like my 2nd home. At least I'm fortunate enough to have the option to leave, but it wasn't like that for a long ass time. Like you mentioned, you don't live! in a shitty place so I wouldn't expect for you to get how it is around places like this.

  7. Even if that “rule” were true, they've been dating for over a year so they were 24/36 when they got together, which would NOT meet the requirements. So if you're going to use that as a metric for what's a dealbreaker, then this would be.

  8. Because I don’t want to share my wedding year with my brother. & I doubt she would want to share her wedding year with me either

  9. Cause you know damn well you tell a broad that they’re judging you and rightfully so as it is a bit grotesque

  10. This is idiotic. He has no right to know if she is seeing another man or not when they both agreed to work toward reconciliation? That's a pretty big roadblock to reconciliation.

  11. you literally worded the rational thoughts of mine that i couldn’t. the thing is, i’m aware of these but i couldn’t get them through to my brain. this is the strongest intrusive thought i had, and still am having, and i’m struggling lol, thank you for your wisely put advice

  12. Leave her alone. You made your choice and the consequence is you lost your daughter and I’m sure everyone sees you as a creep. You can never take back saying that to her and I don’t know how a grown man would ever think that’s okay. I just feel embarrassed because you seem like a child.

  13. I am truly and deeply puzzled about how you think you two will become these amazing co-parents, when after this cake testing you two didn't bother to talk about what had happened. You say you've both been unhappy for a long time but haven't done anything about it except two counseling sessions where you both clearly have not expressed reservations about getting married.

    How did you make it ten years with someone you don't communicate with?

  14. It doesn't seem there are grounds to have her committed. So just continue being supportive and available. Pushing too hot is likely to make things worse.

  15. Yeah you're absolutely right. I'm thinking about it more from a is he cheating? way, but should be more focused on his character

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