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Languages: en

Birth Date: 2002-03-10

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Subculture: subcultureStudent

Date: September 2, 2022

9 thoughts on “BunnyGold_live sex stripping with hd cam

  1. Yeah, just leave him. I know what you’ve been up to and I’m not interested in having a partner who thinks that’s acceptable. mic drop and walk out. It’s a statement, not an inquisition. He’s crossed the boundary, that’s all you need to know – how far past doesn’t make it any better or worse. Know your worth and uphold it, because clearly he won’t.

  2. The universe just gave you a blessing here. What are the chances you find out about the pregnancy, the condoms, and his lying all within the same period. I’m so sorry this is happening to you, when pregnancy is often an exciting time. I hope you are able to make the decision that is best for you.?

  3. You may love her, but whatever type of love she has for you is clearly different. As long as she is this way…….never marry her.

  4. It is entirely because she’s trans. No one would be saying half this shit if it was because she had a hysterectomy. Or if she had plastic surgery as a cis woman, say vaginoplasty or breast implants.

  5. What he has ever done to you do it back to him and when you are done break up with him and move on!!! I hate hypocrites!!!

  6. I would say it is fairly normal. If hes nervous (which it sounds like to me) he might have a hot time keeping his soldier up. From personal experience I can say that I find it harder the more I’m interested in a woman, although for me this issue has vanished with getting older. But I definitively struggled sometimes due to being nervous. So him being nervous in this case indeed shows that he thinks you’re gorgeus! Why would he be shy and nervous otherwise? 🙂

    What you can do is try to make him feel comfortable. Let him know you like him and want him and simply get used to eachother hard. Lie in bed cuddling and kissing without pressure. In some time it will work as intended and once he gets over that nervous hump he will most likely ”function” in the future as well 🙂

  7. Just be careful dude. Only you know how she’ll react to you wanting her to change the way she expresses herself. Maybe alcohol might help.

  8. My husband was similar. Just useless. I waited till long to leave him.

    It doesn't get better. He's literally never put the kids to bed by himself. The older one is FOUR

  9. It’s you. You’re the one who should apologize. If you didn’t want your girlfriend to find out you cheated then you shouldn’t have cheated. It really is that simple.

    For the record, if you just want casual sex that’s perfectly fine! Just not while you’re supposed to be committed to someone else. Either stay single and have all the casual sex you want without consequence or be faithful in your relationship. You don’t get both.

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