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Date: September 18, 2022

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  1. Hahaha you don’t even know the story- that’s what’s funny. She manipulated me into living with her when I WANTED to live alone. She claimed she would be here all the time/we would spend time together and that would be the trade-off. The whole time this was a plan for her to live! in the city for cheaper and be with her bf.

  2. My fiancé is actually a little jealous that I am playing video games and talking with my guy friend about music instead of with him

    Immaturity right there.

    I'm worried about the emotional stability of you both to be getting married.

    Normal, stable, well adjusted people worthy of long term relationships are not jealous of their partner having a friend. that is the biggest red flag of it all.

    These things pretty much only get worse.

    Just be careful.

  3. If he lies so boldly and comfortably and denies so easily. This is not a one-off, OP. He probably has been doing this repeatedly. You only caught him this once.

    And yes, he's having lap dances, if he just goes that one night. Sorry to say.

    Since you already told him this is a dealbreaker, and he still goes…it seems to me he has thought that he doesn't care that much about being loyal to you or wanting to keep a marriage with you. Or he knows you're not leaving, you're all BS or 'hot air' when you say, things like, 'cheating is a dealbreaker.' So he'll cheat and he just has to bear you getting angry, but you're not leaving anyway.

    I think he secretly wants to be single, tbh. He just doesn't like the idea of having to pay CS, and losing a 'bangmaid.'

  4. Man I really hope you end up with a really good person because you seems naive as this guy's wife. If a thing Is brown and stinks It can be a lot of things but probably Is shit. And this situation has like the 0,0000099 % of not being exactly what it seems.

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