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Date: September 28, 2022

7 thoughts on “BOO BOO KITTY online webcams for YOU!

  1. If anyone, I repeat ANYONE asks me to choos between them or my cat. I'd happily watch them get the fuck out of my life. They are lucky to be in the presence of such Beautiful animals in the first place. Also, the question itself is so disrespectful, like who thinks they are more important than someone's pet aka child.

  2. So you don’t drink much and you had 5 shots of vodka and three other drinks? I drink about 3-4 times a week and that would have me puking. That’s a lot of alcohol. I’m surprised, really. I think you got way too drunk and didn’t realize it. You said you often cry when too drunk as well. You really need to watch how much you drink or stop altogether. If you just have a Vice may I suggest marijuana? I’ve never ever met anyone that hits their SO, has rage episodes or vomits on marijuana. Alcohol really is the worst in many ways.

  3. My bf is like this now so I know how you feel. It’s definitely depression. Something that always helps now is taking each other outside. On a drive to Walmart, to a playground with the kids, for some reason being in the warm natural sun just uplifts everything and having a conversation with quality time is so much more appealing! When you are feeling unappreciated it’s important to come together in a neutral setting and lay everything on the table.

  4. Oh god, you poor thing! My son was 9 pound 3 and I had only second degree tearing with no pain relief and it was traumatic.

    A traumatic birth and then all that pain and clearly no serious help from the father would drive any woman to her limits. A lack of sleep really makes it hot too.

    He did not sacrifice anything compared to you. I had this same argument with my sons father and we are now not even speaking and I’m raising my son alone.

    You need rest, you need added help, the saying “it takes a village to raise a baby” isn’t a joke. I wish I could even help you out just to let you get a few hours of sleep.

    You’re doing a lot and you are doing your best mumma.

  5. 3 weeks post sex is definitely not too early, if you know exactly what you’re looking for implantation wise. (Personal experience, I knew what I was feeling for), but that wouldn’t show up on a test for potentially another week, and the sex has to be specific to the ovulation date. It sounds like either bullshit on OPs part entirely if fake, or bullshit on the girls part if real and I doubt that it was a legitimate pregnancy.

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