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Date: September 30, 2022

11 thoughts on “Bonnie-Hamilton online sex chats for YOU!

  1. You sound slow. How can you compare 2 things if they are the same? You can’t. That’s why you compare 2 different things.

    They are on the same level to some men. Promiscuous women have been the downfall of many men

  2. I was the one who loved more and I was discarded after 33 years.

    Don't be me. Having to have the “passion” and “undying love” …..I was the only one who had it. I spent 33 years trying to convince him that I was worth loving and in the end it only destroyed my health and spirit.

  3. IMO, her husband is probably cheating and she is trying to figure out who, or she and your husband have and she offered her husband to you as pay back. What she said, and the fact that she was serious and that your husband got mad at you for insinuating that he had something to do with it as a joke makes me wonder. Makes me wonder to the point of having to dig deeper and I would start with her and asking why in the hell did she say that and why was she serious. I would also have to check text messages and phone logs to see if anyone has been chatting with each other. But I am a suspicious person by nature, and this got my curiosity up .

  4. Break up with him, immediately, just in case he turns out to be a really awful person! Now, after you do that, get to work on yourself, and figure out it is that you don't believe that you deserve SOOOO much better than this guy; regardless of any reason you can come up with why you are attracted to him, believe me: he is NOT worth even half of that. But you are. I realize that you are young and this is all new; believe me, I have known plenty of guys like this; he will never, ever, ever not blame you for……everything! It will always be you who are the problem, and he will never, ever be faithful. Ever. There is nothing that you have done wrong; he showed you who he is, now believe him. Please. I wish you all the best.

  5. I understand not responding if you are the kind of person who lives more detached from their phone. Both my boyfriend and I are constantly on our phones. As I mentioned in a previous response, I believe that simple updates such as change in location or any major occurrence isn’t being needy. Obviously it’s entirely opinionated, but if he can respond to his friends when he’s we me, then I think it’s fair to be able to respond to me occasionally when he’s with them.

  6. He seems to only be interested in sex. If you want someone to take you out on dates then you should look for someone else

  7. Yeah I mean since it’s all still casual you probably won’t be causing any hurt feelings. They just need to know if you aren’t monogamous, just in case they are! Then beyond that, you can work out whichever rules or boundaries you like. However things shake out, it’s great to practice that type of communication anyway. Best of luck to you, I hope it works out!

  8. Maybe she was helping out a friend. Not everything has to be your business. You’re in a relationship, not married. She can still have a private life.

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