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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. nah, you did good. i can sympathize with her anxiety over the kiss afterwards, but to bring her friend with her to discuss something private like that is not okay behavior, she’s 18 already and she’s going to have to start fighting her own fights (figure of speech, you seem like a considerate dude and i’m sure a conversation would’ve gone well).

    but yeah, now she knows that she can’t let others handle her private business, that’s not how adults do things. either way, if she can’t even bring herself to talk to you about this, she’s not ready for a physical relationship.

  2. I get that it's a shock, but it probably took a lot for her to open up about that. Can you imagine the amount of courage it took her to say something that she knew may end their relationship? By him saying hurtful words and storming off may have informed her more on how he reacts when something bad happens and not in a good way.

    When they talk about it, the first thing he should do is applaud her courage, then apologize. Then they should have an adult conversation about the subject at hand. I don't disagree with your statement, just that it seems as though your comment read that his reaction was somehow justified.

  3. Are references not a thing where you are? Surely he needed to wait for a reference from current employers to be requested and received by the potential new employer before a formal offer of the job is provided? I've always known the first offers mention “dependent on references”. It's why we don't all leave our jobs in this fashion, as satisfying as it would be!

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