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Date: September 25, 2022

77 thoughts on “Blaire on-line sex chats for YOU!

  1. It's over and for several reasons. If her telling you she stepped out more often is the closure you need you may never get it. It doesn't matter.

    There doesn't need to be a friendship. Disconnect yourself from her and move on.

  2. Wow yeah that's so not right. It's actually illegal. Your son's a minor and if you took it to the cops yoir brother would be arrested unless the age of consent in your state is 13.

    More than that it would concern me that its grooming. Why would he feel sending that to a minor is okay.

    I would take screen shots of what he sent as evidence and then I would not just cut him off I'd make it clear if he contacted your son again, you are turning it in to the authorities.

    He's sick man. Keep him far far away.

  3. Did she really dump you the second time if you stated you wouldn’t move? That seems more like a mutual decision.

    When thinking about getting back together, I suggest asking yourself if you want more of what you had when you two were together. If you don’t, then I suggest clearly stating that to her and asking her if she is ready to compromise for you. Even if she says yes, she’ll change her ways, its a risk.

  4. I wish I could answer that, she says it is because of the jealous behavior but it came forward from her not telling the truth. And she knows that. Also I have spoken openly about this with her everytime I had an itch. To my knowledge she is not cheating but I guess I will never know the truth.

  5. Isn’t the point of being a “godparent” is that you are taking on the responsibility of ensuring that your brother’s children will be brought up “in the church” in case of your brother’s and wife’s demise?

    It is a construct designed to insure that children (who are not yours) remain in the Catholic Church.

    I think people assign other meaning to the term, but that really isn’t related to being a “godparent”. Given that definition, you probably wouldn’t be the best choice for a godparent. Some people are incapable of separating your worth as a good person and your religious status. When we had young children, I put more emphasis on who I could trust to care for my children if my wife or I passed away. You may want to put it in those terms for your brother (that he could rely on you to care and love his children), and he could pick out a staunch Catholic to be a godparent.

  6. Agreed. I actually have a friend who's been married for years to a man she met because they were roommates first.

    This anecdote proves that nothing could possibly go wrong and you will definitely marry this lady.

  7. It's wonderful she never does this. This speaks for you and your relationship. Communicating sexual desires and needs directly is perfectly healthy too.

    Don't compare yourself or focus on that feeling. She chose you to be with. That other guy was just a ONS. And apparently, since she climaxes with you even multiple times ususally, there is nothing to be worried about. Focus on the choice she made – to be with you. So you are totally “enough”, and a lot more to her.

  8. Yuuuuup exactly. There are lots of ways to finish together. “No, don't touch, I want it to be penetrative only!” is just not necessary. Whatever works works.

  9. If my wife decided she wanted to hang out at raves as a hobby….cool.

    If she decided she wanted to start taking random drugs, and hallucinogens to elevate herself to some other worldly experience…and that was not in my term of “normal”…I’d tell her “cool….but I don’t think we can be married while that’s going on”.

    Just not the lifestyle I want to be around, or how I’d want to raise my kids…I’d cut my losses on that.

  10. I don’t believe so but because of things like porn a lot of people have a warped view on what is or isn’t pleasure for a woman. Sounds like OPs partner is just looking for any tiny thing to call her out on

  11. Is your good friend male or female? If it's a female she wants you to take her sister because she doesn't trust your friend.

    If it's a male then either she legit wants you to get to know her sister which is a terrible idea for an intimate date or it's a test which again a terrible idea.

    If your friend is female take the sister and suck it up and don't fall for traps.

    If the friends male then stand firm and go with him.

    At the end of the day you paid for it was your plan and it's up to you.

  12. While physical attraction isn't the only important thing in a romantic relationship, it is concerning that he criticizes every part of you, them gets angry when you aren't upset.

    This is because this isn't about physical attraction. OP could be the most heteronormative conventionally attractive woman in the world, and this guy would still criticize her. It's standard abusive bull.

    It doesn't matter what OP tells him, he won't change and he won't learn. That's why he's an abuser. OP is now able to clearly recognize the flags after being in an abusive relationship, but they are as clearly still none the wiser, as they are still in it.

    OP, you are worth way more. It's not the victim's responsibility to “fix” the abuser. If you're dead set on preventing him from abusing others, the best way would be to share your story. However, your number one duty is to get away.

    Take care, OP.

  13. I definitely wouldn't go.

    Go see friends, stay in and have a night to yourself or with your boyfriend, go to your boyfriends family, whatever you want, whatever is good for you. There is no upside to you going to your brother's for the holidays.

    I understand the desire to want the rest of your family to see and acknowledge the problems and to feel safe and seen, unfortunately you can't control that. What you can do is put yourself in a safe and healthy situation and sometimes that means leaving family members behind. Choose the people that get to be in your life.

    Family can be important, yes, but it isn't a trump card that negates any and all horrible behaviour. It doesn't give someone free reign to make you feel shitty and miserable and unsafe. If this person wasn't your brother you wouldn't think twice about maintaining a relationship with them, you'd run away and never look back.

    Enjoy the holidays, hopefully far, far away from your family.

  14. If you didn't experience the discrimination or its effects yourself, what your ancestors experienced is irrelevant

  15. First, I’d say this whole thing is a conversation better suited to discuss with your therapist than with Reddit.

    But I’d also add that if you find yourself repeatedly doing favors for someone, ask them for a favor. It doesn’t have to be huge, but it’ll probably be a good indicator if they’re a real friend or just using you.

    Real friends reciprocate favors, fake friends are just there to use you. If you have a one-sided relationship, doing more favors won’t make them like you more, it’ll actually make them value you less. If you’re willing to drop everything for someone who does nothing for you, it communicates to them that you don’t value your time. Putting time into a fake friendship won’t ever strengthen things.

    Hope things work out for you.

  16. Due to societal expectations of masculinity that should be improved or changed, men have been conditioned not to show emotion, which gets further reinforced by the misconception that emotion equals weakness.

    As a result, it's more difficult for men to articulate their emotions. I'd advise communicating with him about what you want. Being as direct as possible would be best.

  17. Maybe he meant “I'm not attracted to you more than I already am when you wear makeup” telling you that you don't need to put in the extra effort since you are just as beautiful without it

  18. What the hell? So basically, “Come back and I'll explain more clearly why nothing will change”… and you didn't break a leg sprinting back to that desert of desire? /s just in case

  19. You are just going to have to talk to him about it ASAP. Bring it up however you think it might work but don't delay. Does he really need a clear head to plow?

  20. I can understand where you’re coming from, but that’s not your problem. If her dad blames you for her moving back in with them due to her mental health, that’s his issue.

  21. I think you should probably have a good think about what you will and won't tolerate yourself in the relationship and have an actual conversation with your partner.

    If you aren't comfortable dating someone who is heavier or who isn't interested in fitness or who drinks too much etc. Then that's fine. You are allowed to break up with her.

    If you can accept her anyway then fine, you can stay with her and accept her boundaries.

    That being said if you are genuinely concerned about her health then tell her that. Ask her if she's concerned about her weight or not, and about her health. If she is happy and you are happy then leave it. If she's worried ask how you can support her to do things differently.

    At the end of the day you might just be incompatible in the relationship. It's not a bad thing, just be fair with her if you break up and explain you feel like you have different goals and wants in life and you think you'd both be better finding more compatible partners.

    Also as someone who's weight fluctuates a lot… if I gain weight and someone tried to tell me to eat less or exercise more, it actively discourages me from doing it. If I want to lose weight then its when I'm good and ready and nothing to do with anyone else.

  22. Uh… As if you don't get BO from sweating during sleep and that sweat and sex juices (he said they shower before sex) being all on the bed for two whole weeks before they are washed.

    That… Is some nasty BO

  23. I'd suggest buying an air purifier with uv light to clean the air which will do a lot more than a night shower. The disrespectful part is what you should be considering in all this. You have one rule for your home which she was happy to abide by until she told her mother and then told you no she will do what she wants in your home. She doesn't have to stay over if she doesn't want to shower before bed. It's the same as someone asking not to wear shoes in their home etc. It only takes 3 minutes to scrub off and hop out as long as she doesn't wash her hair. Simple.

  24. She cheated once then knew about the possibility of the child's true paternity but keep it a secret til she was found out YEARS later. From that moment til now she has been lying to her husband and son and actually has the gull to think she can fix this.

    But yeah some generic “get therapy” and “apologize” (that one kills me lmao) is going to move someone like OP.

    My advice for her would be for her to get used to not having her husband and son in her life. ?‍♂️

  25. She cheated once then knew about the possibility of the child's true paternity but keep it a secret til she was found out YEARS later. From that moment til now she has been lying to her husband and son and actually has the gull to think she can fix this.

    But yeah some generic “get therapy” and “apologize” (that one kills me lmao) is going to move someone like OP.

    My advice for her would be for her to get used to not having her husband and son in her life. ?‍♂️

  26. OP, cut her off. Simple as that. She's scared of losing your attention I think. If you've moved on, cut the final tie and end the friendship for good.

  27. This relationship won't work. It isn't even about your comment either. I spent 8years married to someone who sounds EXACTLY like this. His obsession with gaming put myself and the kids on the back-burner and nothing would change it I had to walk away

  28. Yup. That’s exactly what I think. My dad passed away last year but I can say beyond any shadow of a doubt he wants to know exactly nothing detailed about my sex life. Lol.

  29. For real that’s sketchy at best, predatory at worst, and just literally why? Teenaged boys are known to be some of the horniest motherfuckers on the planet, ergo not in the least compatible with someone who can’t be sexually active frequently.

  30. She was into me sure. It's just that our sex life was never like burning very hot. She's always been particular about when and how we have sex. She isn't terribly adventurous or spontaneous

  31. So it seems like the big hangup is your performance anxiety. You should know that's super common, and not a sign that you're any less of a man. When you get into unfamiliar territory a natural response is for your peen to play runaway.

    Men don't want to talk about it because they think it makes them “less than” but it doesn't. It just makes you human.

    So now you know it's not for you, but I don't see anywhere in your post where you're disgusted by what your SO did, just that you're embarrassed and ashamed. Which is something you can get over.

    If your gf had pressured you into the situation, or realized you were uncomfortable and didn't care I'd say bail. But it seems like it was just a miscommunication and you're embarrassed that when the time came you were uncomfortable and didn't know how to express that. Which you shouldn't be embarrassed about at all.

    Talk to your girlfriend. Try and sort things out. Be open and honest and vulnerable. This is something you can work out.

  32. Wow there is a whole lot of information and misinformation going around. Yes you need to have a talk with him about whether or not he actually wants to have kids and what that is going to look like for you. But for your own peace of mind you need to figure out your fertility situation. As someone else said, you need to figure out if you are ovulating. I was not and it took me about a year of going back and forth with a doctor and a naturopathic doctor to get that sorted before I could even start trying. I'm now 7 months into trying. Whether you stay with him or not trying to conceive is a whole journey that doesn't start with unprotected sex.

  33. I stand by this:

    I felt inadequate and that we just weren’t meant for eachother and it would be the best for eachother long term

    Not you being inadequate, instead, I think this reletionship is inadequate for you.

    Long distance relationships are very hot to manage and come with a number of complications.

    People need to feel their partner available in their day to day life, not battle in keeping their emotions alive for something that feels intangible.

    I do get emotionally numb and depressed quite a bit so my feelings lacking could've been a result of my own crippling mental health.

    I believe the distance was the result of those emotions, you feel numb to your reletionship because its not close to your heart.

    Try to objectively think about these statements:

    I suppose there is no harm in trying to make it work right? I'm not quite sure about all of this. But, I know if I committed to trying I have to genuinely try.

    With the distance, what can you realistically do differently than what has already been done? There is not much room for improvement in LDRs. The distance needs to be eliminated to see drastic results.

    Can't eliminate the distance? Things will likely be patched up briefly, and then fall apart again.

  34. Damn, that was heavy. Sorry for what you had to go through. Wouldn't wish that on anyone, of course. Though to be fair, they evidently interact with each other for the kid, and maybe I'm naïve but I didn't get that vibe. Granted i was reading from her point of view. Regardless, you opened my eyes to other potential outcomes I never thought about. Not the sunshine and roses I foresaw with her attempting to restart their relationship.

    Hope your life has drastically improved since those dark times. Wish you nothing but the best.

  35. I understand your concerns for your child’s welfare. I understand your concerns about your MIL. The fact that she got angry with your husband over the issue is really concerning. I suspect that no matter how carefully and tactfully you phrase it, she is going to take it badly.

    You may just need to state simply that your parenting styles are very different. You do not feel comfortable with her parenting style. You love, love, love them and absolutely appreciate their enthusiasm. But that you are her parents and you decide who cares for this so-far-beyond precious small human – when that happens and what the ground rules are is your choice. Keep stressing that you are not excluding them; that the strong bond already growing between them is very important to you. Somehow (!!) stay strong and cool and if (when?) she becomes angry you stop right away and request that you resume the conversation when she is ready to discuss it without insulting you / being angry / whatever bad behaviour she displays. You know, behave like a grown up (without aaaactually saying that ….)

  36. Right? It's so lazy. Just testing the waters I guess. He can see that I've “seen” it. Not going to reply.

  37. Without judgement I’m going to break this down so you can hear it back. You are a married man, in what you anonymously are willing to describe as a happy marriage, both physically and I assume emotionally. You befriended a 23 year old, who I also assume understands you are married, but still chose to proposition you for sex. You declined. While she is young, that is already a character flaw on her behalf. However, you understood she wanted to cause a disruption in your allegedly happy marriage and still chose to pursue this “unlikely friendship.”

    Now for my take. The way I see it, you are either not as happy as you’ve put on and are lying to yourself unable to leave due to fear, religious reasons, guilt due to commitment, etc., you are simply bored of routine and want to relive what it feels like to be with someone new (as you somewhat alluded to), or you are having an early midlife crisis and a younger woman hit on you…which feels good. The only other option here is you are downplaying your feelings for this younger woman and not willing to admit the hole you have put yourself in…but I really doubt you have feelings.

    As stated, it doesn’t seem you have genuine feelings for this 23 year old nor do you write anything suggesting she does either, so I’m not sensing a connection here to explain this desire. You don’t seem to care for her in that regard, as you only admit to being attracted to her. I don’t even see how you are actual friends because you didn’t dive into that. Do you speak frequently? What do you speak about? Do you keep her around simply because you find her beautiful and an easy ego boost? I’ve not seen any info pointing to a deep or intimate friendship of any kind, nor anything to justify having her in your life. So, ask yourself, why are you considering this?

    Are you willing to throw your sound marriage away just to sleep with this younger woman you have no feelings for? I doubt it. Perhaps you should put that energy where it matters, if you are as happy as you claim to be. If you are not then admit it to yourself, buckle down, and do the right but very hot thing. Cheating isn’t going to solve anything for you. Evaluate where your head is at.

    An actually happy man would not want to hurt his wife, to be blunt. A happy man wouldn’t even think twice about it. An unhappy man? Different story. Start there.

  38. This is a disaster waiting to happen he's making promises that he has been unable to keep he is showing you who he is please believe him and do not try to fix him or think that it's going to get better it's not it's going to get worse

  39. Honestly, you probably shouldn’t be dating anybody if you’re posting this.

    Your self esteem and self respect is too low. Your girlfriend is awful. Dump her and don’t look back.

  40. Yeah there's no way I'd be having sex annnnny time soon either. It's going to take a big meaningful apology and some effort to fix this.

  41. Trust your gut. If you learn you made a wrong decision, learn from it.

    IMO, as a dude, a girl who is a virgin is rare and can often be a dream-catch. To others, might not be a big deal. But a virgin Western girl is a unicorn these days; if she's also sweet, kind, loving, and smart — now that's a catch you won't find everyday.

    Just my opinion. Take it how you will.

  42. Nothing in the text outside of “she’s tried to get me to cheat in her” suggests that she’s cheated. And it doesn’t even really suggest that. It just sounds like she’s trying to find a way to get op to grow some balls

  43. He is doing the right thing by supporting you, and talking about his feelings about your pregnancy in therapy.

    You are doing the right thing by thinking about it, too.

    But I'm not sure hearing how he feels about it “changes everything”.

    It's not compulsory to feel light and giddy and super-happy about having an abortion — it can be the right decision, but one you can feel weird and conflicted about too.

    You can feel grateful for the option of abortion, but sad about the reality of it.

    If you're feeling sad about it, it doesn't mean having an abortion is a bad idea. You might lovw the idea of a baby, but not be in the right place for one now. That's okay.

    I recommended sharing any conflicted feelings you may be having with him – maybe if you both share your sadness you can find a way to let it go, or honor it in some way. Together.

    It's not abnormal to grieve when you have an abortion. But feelings of grief don't necessarily mean that the abortion is a mistake, and I'd honestly encourage you to explore your own feelings — but not forget the reality of why you chose to have an abortion, as i imagine these were pretty solid reasons that haven't changed.

  44. This is so crazy I’m not sure if its a troll post or truly a women who has been in her best friends shadow for so long she didn’t even leave when her own husband decided her best-friend was better than her. Your husband and your best friends are AH. Divorce him, block your best friend and find a man that thinks you are the most beautiful women in the world instead of plotting with your bestie, he does not love you, he just needs you as a wife and mom but if given the opportunity he clearly shows he would rather your best friend.

  45. My guess is he didn’t want to hang around with you at the bunny hill while you still learn to ski. It would take away from him going at his own pace with his brother and his gf.

  46. have you tried to up the positive interactions w/ her? who feeds her? plays w/ her? scoops her poop? if you make a bigger effort to become her friend and show that you aren't a threat, she'll come around.

  47. For some reason I cant see the replies but I’ve seen them from the notifications. Thank you all for the advice I really do appreciate it.

  48. That's the biggest problem I have with this whole thing. Very hot conversations will always happen, but when your snap response to a statement is to go silent, get up and run, and when your partner comes after you, you wheel around and attack by weaponizing her deepest insecurity, it says so much about what kind of person you are. She's never going to forget this, even if they can patch things up.

  49. If he is someone you report to, dating you may be a career limiting move for him. Dont push it.

  50. It's like persisting on throwing money out of the window on a bad investment because one already had thrown sooo much money out of it.

    Like… huh?

    If in years it doesn't get any better and all tries fail… let go of it.

  51. This is a red flag ?.

    He took you to his place knowing his roommates but he never informed them that he left a complete stranger (you) in their home.

    The girl probably thought that you were robbing the house and treated you like anyone would’ve treated an intruder. If he had informed her that he was bringing a guest over she wouldn’t have done that.

    You could’ve gotten shot or had the cops called on you but instead of comforting you & apologizing he thinks that you’re being dramatic.

    I’d dump him but you should also apologize to the girl because the position he put her through.

  52. This thread is fucking bonkers. People actually upvoting a comment that the BF was “incredibly cruel.” How the fuck do these people make it through a day?

  53. True, but your phone bill has texts and times on it. He already checked her phone. He seems to be doubting himself – he says he has no other choice but to believe his wife. That’s not accurate. He knows, and can KNOW without a doubt with easy verification.

  54. Clearly she's already bonded to the coworker. She us choosing him over you.

    She's calling your bluff. If you back down you lose her forever.

  55. If you wanted people to stay out of why did you post this on a public forum? Get over yourself and leave them alone. You rejected him, so move on already. My God, you are exhausting.

  56. Looks like he likes the way that these situations made him feel like a benevolent saviour, but as soon as you consistently self actualize and handle things independently the loving behaviour is gone and he grows resentful.

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