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Date: October 2, 2022

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  1. Don't listen to the grammar police. While paragraphs would help with readability you're asking an honest, heartfelt question while in a state of exhaustion.

    I completely understand your point of view, but I must say that I understand hers. You're so caught up in the need to provide you're missing out on the family you've created. I think what she's saying, when claiming to feel like a single parent, is that you two no longer feel like a partnership and that she's lonely.

    Going to her family a lot may fill that need for adult conversation and time but staying overnight is very strange and worrying.

    There's also a lot of info missing. Like the ages of your children. What stage developmentally are they? That's key in the amount of engagement that they need. Do the kids go and stay the night with her? When do you spend time together as a family?

    I would honestly suggest setting some time aside for just the two of you to talk about what you really want, what's the most important thing for you in your marriage and what's the outcome you want.

    Does constantly striving to monetarily provide more and more really fulfil you? Because you sound so sad at the thought of not being able to teach your son but don't mention doing the same for your daughters. Why is that? And if that's so important to you what are you doing to ensure you're with them enough to impart this knowledge?

    I've asked a few questions that I think you should reflect on. But I really think you need to speak to a therapist about all of this. Both individual therapy and couples therapy. Try to find yourself before you've lost your family. Good luck lovely.

  2. I think it's normal to be in this situation after a break up of a serious relationship. I was in a bad spot for a pretty long while during mine.

    But you have to take care of yourself so when you do move on, you won't be stuck with decisions you regret making while feeling down. Nostalgia can be pretty scary when it hits.

  3. Problems with emotional regulation can be part of adhd and years of no treatment can lead to feeling overwhelmed but at some point you have to take responsibility for your behavior, too.

  4. If she doesn't love me why hasn't she left? When these problems were happening I wasn't making a ton of money I wasn't giving her attention. Why would she stay if not love?

  5. They already did and no one accused me of being jealous even if they didn’t think I should say anything

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