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  1. Condoms???? Now and maybe forever…

    BC doesn't protect against STD's and if this guy having sex with others you need to use condoms regardless of the arm implant.

  2. Your girlfriend is a moron. What did she expect to happen? Let your sister sit in faeces all day long? Dump her and find a decent woman.

  3. I would not wait to talk to him. Once he is coherent from surgery id ask. Why would i spend time taking care of someone just to find out they cheated on me? Id rather find out first. I know its not great timing, but honestly it never is the right time to comfront a possible cheater.

  4. ‘A sibling they find attractive’. Ah okay that’s why you can see his perspective. You think it’s normal to find one’s siblings attractive.

    There is a huge distinction between being aware that one’s sibling is good looking and acknowledging how others view them, and ‘finding your sibling attractive’.

    Most people are not attracted to their siblings. No part of them would be sexually aroused by close proximity to their siblings. Seeing their sibling in a state of undress or in a bathing suit at the beach doesn’t arouse anything in them. Having to sit next to them on the sofa or lie down next to them in a bed does not get them ‘in the mood’.

    I can only assume that the people who have this reaction to the idea of sharing a bed with a sibling either don’t have siblings of the opposite sex or are not remotely close to their sibling so the prospect of having to share a bed with them is awkward in the same way it would be sharing a bed with a stranger or an acquaintance.

  5. I love Japan and am aware of what's in it. Those bars often have women wear enticing and even revealing clothes while encouraging men to drink more and more.

    It's like if a woman worked at hooters and instead of just chit-chat and bringing food….she sat right next to the men, even shoulder to shoulder while complimenting their egos.

    Idk man, even if my girl wasn't sending those texts, I wouldn't want want to be in a relationship with a woman that saw no harm in that profession. That's just me though.

    I think it's disrespectful to a relationship and I would say the same thing regarding the men that work in similar jobs as “hosts” in Japan.

  6. For you and your child's sake, please leave him.

    I was in a serious relationship with a guy. Two years into the relationship, I found that he had secret Instagram accounts posing as a 15 year old boy and soliciting nudes from 15/16 yr old girls. When I confronted him about it, he said it was because he was drunk (he's an alcoholic) and it was related to his,childhood trauma – that he needs help from me to stop and will change.

    I was severely codependent and gave him a second chance. 6 months later he dumped me (when pandemic started).

    It took a while, and a lot of therapy to realize it was the best thing that could have happened to me. I finally came to grips of how wrong it was – and how much work I needed to work on myself to think it wasn't a red flag.

    There will be a lot of heartache – but in time, it will pass – and you will find a man worthy of you & your daughter. Sending you lots of love and hugs.

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