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Date: September 26, 2022

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  1. Generally speaking, HR isn’t there to help you, they’re there to protect the company.

    Assuming all you say in the OP is true, then I think they’re trying to knock you down and get you to either quit or start documenting “problems” so they can fire you for cause because basically right now, you’re a risk to the org.

    You had been going to a supervisor repeatedly with no remedy. If you have proof of that then you’re a threat to the company.

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  2. Nothing is 100% to a cautious person that isn't reckless, playa. You do sound like an asshole, I bet it sounds even harsher to the person you think you love.

  3. You have kids with this ‘guy?’ I’d be really concerned about having someone with these toxic viewpoints around children.

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