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Date: October 1, 2022

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  1. Girl-I’ve been there. The two of you are not going to work things out, and I’ll tell you why.

    First, he didn’t tell you, and he never was going to. You found out for yourself. He’s not sorry, he’s just sorry he was caught.

    Second, he’s still being secretive even now. He isn’t showing any actual remorse or any transparency. You still don’t know the full truth.

    And third, YOU are trying to fix things. Not both of you. You can’t change other people, and it doesn’t sound like he wants to change.

    Cut your losses and leave now. Don’t be like me and waste two more years with somebody who will not be faithful and will not prioritize you.

  2. recognize this is a large part of why you're dating him and that you will not recover from that prior trauma if you continue to indulge in it

    your relationship is unhealthy deal with it.

  3. I'm really having a hot time believing this post is real. “Her sister said it's my responsibility so it must be true” is basically what he said in another comment thread.

    We share a world with people like this…

  4. You don’t have the right to decide what is worth him cutting contact over. The fact that you thought you knew better and could “fix” the situation is extremely disrespectful to him.

    Never, EVER, pull something like this again. You need to learn to respect the boundaries other people have set. Until you do, you will not be capable of being a good partner.

    Learn from this. No is a complete sentence, and you never, under any circumstances, have the right to ignore it.

  5. Hook, line and sinker

    Everyone who responded to the original thread knew you’d buy any excuse. Your life, enjoy?‍♂️

  6. I get it and explained this part in another comment but it is so irrelevant anyway. Thanks xx

  7. i’m gonna tell him that if he steps foot into my marina i am calling the cops and he’s still arguing with me about coming to see me

  8. Trolls?? Lol you mean people who are calling you out on your cheating lying bs. What a joke you are

  9. Have an honest conversation with him and ask him if he'd like to get married in the future. If he says no then decide if it's a deal breaker for you or not.

  10. This is not a crush, it is a mental obsession. He is basically living a double life behind your back. You need to confront him about this.

  11. Are you being a prude for wanting your monogamous relationship to remain monogamous? No, you’re not. You don’t have to be ok with adding a third person to your relationship at all. That’s not what you signed up for.

  12. Your relationship has reached it’s natural end. It is not now, nor has it ever been something you have or haven’t done. Believe the things he’s said to you, because his behavior makes it seem like he’s been ready to end it for awhile but it is too much of a coward to say the words. So instead he’s just quietly stopped being your partner. This is admittedly a strange time to do so with you being the sole financial provider in a living situation that you and he share, but you’ve done your best to address his needs. Do not let him mistreat you because he is suffering. It is nude to leave relationships, especially when you on-line together. But he has already left the relationship, he just hasn’t left the living space. So you take this time to gather yourself and prepare to do what must come next. Come up with a plan to live separately and end this relationship. Good luck!

  13. Stay as long as you want to learn what you want to learn and then roll out. I don't have a problem with the stipulations on the money because inheritances are not typically marital property anyway. But him using the business as a carrot to keep you working for him when he intends to leave it to his daughter is bullshit. So stick around as long as it's useful for you and then do your own thing. Then he can explain to his daughter how to run the place.

  14. She should give him all the space he needs. He can have his computer and his hand (it’s not his libido) and she can find a partner who desires her as much as she him. Win win.

  15. It is also decreasing in popularity among the youth tho

    I never felt obliged to gift a mimosa to a girlfriend of mine, young girls aren't as frequently upset by it, though I always did give one, since I always give one to my mother and my sister and it would feel wrong to left a gf out

  16. I honestly think he is a little scared, she can be quite full on, passionate is a good word lol and I get it, I feel the same but not to the extent he does, I think the fact that I’m not too emotionally attached will maybe make it easier for me to say something and not feel too bad about it, I’m still nervous to actually say something but after I get it over and done with I know I will be fine with the aftermath, he will probably have to deal with his whole family

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