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Date: September 26, 2022

17 thoughts on “Barbieroberts on-line sex cams for YOU!

  1. I agree with this and couples counseling may be able to give them the tools to communicate better (not just in this situation but in all situations for the length of the relationship) with each other and I think would be a more fruitful solution!

  2. Thank you lol.

    I just made the comment about the morning after pill. People think it works miracles when it just delays it.

  3. Dude, she knows she's full of shit. You know she's full of shit.

    She's not going to admit it though.

    I understand the desire to have her take ownership of exactly what she did but she has decided to lie and obfuscate instead. That is a deliberate choice on her end. No amount of talking is going to make her into someone who feels remorse and tries to make amends.

    This isn't an issue of understanding or communication. You're looking for her to own up to what she did and be honest because you're willing to take any scrap of honor as a sign you might be able to work things out. She has no interest in being honest.

    You can either lower the bar for reconciliation until it's low enough for her to stumble over it, or you can acknowledge that your wife is choosing her actions and use her actions, not words, to guide your path forward.

    You are saying “To go forward with this relationship I need you to tell me the truth.” She is simply saying “No.”

    You get to decide how you respond to that.

    Chumplady is an excellent resource.

  4. I got to the part where you want to convince her to use acid despite her clear adverse response to it and yea, leave this girl alone. You aren’t ready for a serious relationship yet, you’re still enjoying your youth

  5. The title itself is so misleading, your partner doesn’t “hate you for following your passions” they are bitter because you ignored them, their thoughts, feelings, and wishes.

  6. I mean, did it sound like it was consensual/she was enjoying it? If she was uncomfortable it’s possible it wasn’t what she wanted and was worried about telling you. Maybe talk to her in more detail and get what details you can and then go from there.

  7. This is so bad that my vagina just imploded. It swallowed itself up and blinked out of existence. I wish it was 3 minutes ago, before I clicked that link.

  8. 'cause this was the first comment I saw. . I mean, what are some good reasons she didn't tell him. None of them are good one way or the other. In the end, weather she feels unsafe (a him problem), or she cheated (a her problem, probably), or she's some mental health issues (also probably a her problem), it boils down to a communication problem (a THEM problem).

  9. I wish I never met him. In the beginning he was such an incredible guy and super respectful. Then he turned into a fuck boy when he started working as an emt. I feel like I need so much therapy after everything he’s put me through. He was the only guy I’d ever trusted to do anything with and I’ve never been more hurt

  10. Oh holy hell. Anyone reading this comment knows damn well that the two of them are already fucking.

    First thread I read here in a while …. this shit.

  11. What difference does it make if snapchat does alert the sender that someone has taken a screenshot? The evidence has been captured. In this case it makes no difference if the perpetrator knows that the victim has evidence. Of course if there’s a threat of violence it would be a different story but I don’t get that sense from the OP.

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