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Date: October 2, 2022

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  1. Especially if they know shes in a relationship. She swears there isnt and she wouldve never hooked up with him but idk if i believe that bs. Even though i love her, is this a sign to move on?

  2. Parsing your responses I think you’ve only been together for 7 months. Sure there could be a LOT of reasons she doesn’t intend on getting along with you or welcoming you in with open arms. But it’s also a time thing and she’s her mother thing. You guys don’t have to like each other. You don’t even have to get along with each other. I mean it’s nice in a perfect world. But what’s most important is this is 100% about your GF and your consistency in how you treat her REGARDLESS of how her mom treats you. She can talk bad about you to her until she runs out of breath as long as your GF loves and supports you I don’t think there’s much else to this.

  3. why hid it then? Why even reach out to the ex? Did you sleep next to an ex without talking your your current partner?

  4. You are in this relationship because you don't recognize your own value! You are 22 and making six figures? Listen, you are the prize, you are the catch, start acting like it. Unload this girl and start looking for a good girl who respects and cares about you. She is lying to you, she is still having sex with him and she is addicted to attention. Do not settle for a low value woman. Good luck, level up.

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