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  1. Sometimes it just takes a second perspective!

    Our dates stood out as a vast departure from all the internet dates I’ve been on which is why I’m looking at this a little more intently. I met her in person and she’s randomly cousins one of the guys I worked with 7-8 years ago and knows that circle of friends. I met her at a completely unrelated work function from a completely different industry. Almost serendipitous if you believe in that sort of thing.

    It sounds like she’s having a miserable time in her new city so maybe that plays a role in all this somehow? I’ve already been on dates since all of this so it’s not like I’m pining for her but… I’ll reach out in six months to see how she’s doing. Sending one text doesn’t cost me anything after all

  2. I think your wife has PTSD or maybe something else Something is triggering her personality change. You should try and get her help. It may be unintentional.

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