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Date: October 3, 2022

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  1. Yeah don't sign anything and DNA test is a blood draw from mom now no danger to baby or mom. Get it done after 3rd month.

  2. Were you all drinking? That could've influenced his behavior. You should definitely steer clear of him though. You deserve better.

  3. Maybe it’s because he knows the environment of the party lifestyle and he’s uncomfortable that your gone for 12hrs at a time. Are you doing drugs/drinking for 12hrs straight? Does he have to take care of you when you come home? Are you acting single when you go out for example flirting with other men to get free drinks? Are all your friends single and bringing you to be their wing woman? Like don’t get me wrong you should have your own personal time to do your thing but do you expect to keep on doing this even when/if you have kids or till you can’t go anymore?

  4. I know this is kinda a gotcha thing with “feeling bigger”. But thats how it is for some because you hit different angles and spots

  5. This is what dating is for. Finding out if you're compatible. Do you think you're giving as much as your'e getting? Sounds as if everything is for him. Including making it nice and tidy down there.

  6. I could deal with everything you said, except he boasts of sexual violence. I couldn't deal with that either.

    You don't have to be around this friend just because your boyfriend sees him often. That said, if your boyfriend being around him at all is a deal breaker for you, you owe it to him to tell him that very clearly.

    “I love you and I want to be with you. You're a grown man and can decide for yourself who your friends are, but I need you to understand that I cannot tolerate X's behavior, and I feel really strongly about this. I just dying know if I can stay in this relationship if he's in the periphery in any way.”

  7. You can just stop talking to him.

    He's not your friend. He listened to you and learned all about you and has been biding his time for a year to make his move. Guys can wait a lot longer than a year.

    Someone isn't your friend if they knowingly cross boundaries and you have to make sure you're not alone with them.

  8. Break up and just let her know that your insecurities have gotten the best of you and you aren’t able to be the partner she deserves.

  9. Pretty sure you know your own mind at this age. It's easier with no kids involved. They would feel a bit weird with mom dating their peer. I find it a bit weird as I'm 54 and my oldest is 31 so kids your age are not attractive to me. And yes, people my kids ages or younger will always be kids in my mind. It's not ideal as she's in the menopause age and health starts to change. This can mean sex interest decreases and becomes less comfortable but not a universal thing. Having a longterm relationship with this age gap means you may one day become her caregiver. Sooner than you may be prepared for. And maybe she'll keep her health and mind better than most. My mom didn't get dementia until her 80s. But there's no magical, older women needs. We need the same as anyone else. The key difference is going to be our give a f### meter. We lived a different life and are at a point where we really don't care what people think and can walk away easier if it's not in our best interest. Obviously you treat her in a manner she's okay with or she would have walked away. You don't need Reddit's help.

  10. He says he is. He has been looking into therapists. He’s too anxious to call and set up an appointment, yet. He’s cut back on his drinking and is trying to eat better/exercise.

  11. she would see something on the news or on Tik Tok and immediately think it applied to our relationship, and believe me, that gets exhausting and it does not improve. If she is willing to entertain the idea that her BF she has known for 6 years could be some sort of closet abuser, and thinks a background check or therapy is going to say yep, abuser! then I don’t think she is mature enough to be in a relationship.

    Toss in the hypocrisy that “Oh well it goes both ways, why haven't you gotten a background check done and entered therapy to prove to me you aren't the abuser?” would immediately result in a meltdown.

    When I was in the dating phase of my life, I remember the last couple of years it creeped into dating profiles as a giant red flag with “I have ADHD and EVERYONE should be in therapy!” as a personality trait.

    No, not everyone has ADHD because they saw a TikTok video about it, and no, not everyone “needs” to be in therapy 24/7 just because some fuckwit “influencers” they follow on Instagram told them so.

  12. “Dear girlfriend of 5 years who has known me for 6 years:

    If it would make you feel better to run a background check on me to see if I've ever been charged with a crime, you are welcome to do so. You already have the relevant identifying information BECAUSE I TRUST YOU. But I'm not going to go to therapy so that they can try to prove that I'm not something. You can't prove a negative, and you'll never in a million years find a credible therapist who is willing to see me on such a basis, even if I were willing to go through with it, which I'm not. If that's not enough for you then perhaps you need to find someone else to date, on-line with, and plan your future with.

    Sincerely, Your likely soon-to-be ex-boyfriend”

  13. Wrong way to do it: “You cannot wear these things/do these things etc”

    Right way to do it: “I don't date people who wear these things/do these things etc”

  14. Question: Have you actually seen these two sisters actually say that they feel bad for her too? Think about this carefully. Or, is this something that she has told you that they said. Perhaps she said they confided this to her, that thet felt bad for her too?

    I would not be shocked that you mever heard them say this dorectly in your presence.

    So your fiancé is an admitted awful bully to her older sister for years.

    So your fiancé is an admitted awful bully to her younger sister for years.

    Your fiancé only stopped communication with him for 6 months when she learned he abused them for many years. Gifts were coming again so she re-engaged with him

    Your fiancé admitted that she knew from at least one of her siblings that they told her about the abuse

    she is now fully aware of his behavior and won't report it or do anything.

    I would not be surprised if she knew that sisters were being abused far longer.

    Your fiancé is an apologist for a rapist and is herself has been a bully to at least two people for YEARS. She is a spoiled brat and she has zero remorse.

    Why are you with such a trash human?


    What if you get married to this piece of work and have a baby girl. At 2 years old how are you going to keep your wife from taking baby over to visit Grandpa Rapist? Even if you get a divorce you can't stop her.

    What is she says she won't let baby out of sight, but then she decides to… just go run a quick errand. 'She never thought he would do it to her child.

    Nope. Nope. Nope.

    Time for you to nope the fuck out of this whole family.

  15. My feeling would be, talk to her and then leave her. I believe this is something you can't get over. She willingly lied to you and cheated you until you actually found out something.

    The money was intentionally given to her to create a future with her, she chose to use it on the here and now and on vain and personal things. How could you ever trust her again?

    Side note, my ex-wife did something similar to me. Unfortunately it was to the tune of around 500k. I tried to make it work, but she was just never invested and just kept lying more and spending more.

  16. And if she could walk over water or fly high in the skies…

    her putting you down speaks loud and clear.

    There is no love in your relationship.

    You are being kept as a servant and admirer.

    She sounds pretty narcissistic (Narciss fell in love with his own reflection in a water- Greek mythology).

    And narcissists are about the most destructive kind of people for the other ones selfesteem.

    Find a way out of there prior to crouching lower that your rug.

  17. I understand her curiosity but you’ve made your position clear to her on this. She is telling you she values her sexual desires over your marriage. It sounds like you’ve thought a lot about this and you clearly want monogamy. If you can’t come to a compromise (which understandably you don’t want to do) then separation really seems like the only option.

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