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Date: October 3, 2022

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  1. It went awfully. On again off again and I had the pleasure of opening her dorm door to see “Pierre” popping by most likely for sex. Apparently he wasn’t aware we were back together.

    Every “break” story we see here is an unmitigated disaster. Just say no.

  2. I would look into asexuality because as an asexual myself, I’m getting a pretty strong vibe from what you’ve written.

    I’m a man close to your boyfriend’s age and I never orgasm through sex, have a pretty nonexistent libido though I like the idea of sex and thinking about sex more than actually having sex. Sex for me just feels kinda banal, but if I have it then I need it to be very boring vanilla sex, and I honestly enjoy the intimacy more than the act itself.

    Asexuals can have sex and enjoy it, but it’s not something I actively crave or seek out or consider important in a relationship.

    I would strongly suggest reading up on that just from what you wrote, but going by that assumption, your libido won’t go up. I did find that I enjoyed making my partner orgasm and never cared that it was rare for me. So the best avenue for you might be to just look to ways to pleasure your partner that you can enjoy even if you don’t orgasm, like oral sex. Don’t worry too much if you struggle to orgasm. Bring in some toys if you want.

    Also going by the ace assumption (asexuals often use that abbreviation), standard suggestions like making time for each other to just have sex and lean into the foreplay likely won’t work. So I guess the best advice is get comfortable with the fact that sex isn’t something you super enjoy and figure out what aspects you do enjoy and work from there. It’s possible you two just won’t be compatible and well, sometimes that happens.

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  4. We never did this. We got engaged and then got married. Not talking to your parents doesn't mean you don't respect them. If my kids meet the person they want to marry, they don't need to come to use beforehand. It's their lives, not ours.

  5. I’m sorry you’ve been through all of this. That hate you mention – that’s called resentment, and it’s toxic. It sounds like it has broken you down and debilitated you to the point where it’s taken over any joy and now that’s all you feel.

    The only way out is through, and you need the help of someone who is well versed in trauma. Get the therapy, please. That’s the only decision you need to make. Anything else at this point would be irrational and cause even more resentment.

  6. While it’s good to have confidence in your work, he needs to be realistic about his earning potential.

    There are dozens of ways for getting your work in front of people, but all of those strategies involve taking photos and marketing them.

    He’s not choosing any of those paths, and he’s waiting for someone to discover him. It won’t happen. The people who’ll be discovered are taking great photos (it’s not THAT difficult) and getting them in front of buyers.

    You can’t change him. That information is out there, easy to access, but it needs a lot of legwork.

    Signed, 99% amateur photographer who didn’t like the business side of being a pro but who considered it.

  7. I don't care if they do that either (pleasure themselves to a picture or video of another person). The women I know don't care either. And many of us watch porn for pleasure as well. I'm not trying to say I'm an authority, I'm simply saying I personally find it more common for women NOT to care. Except on Reddit. But I think that's because a lot of women on Reddit are younger and in newer relationships. I also think a lot of younger women are made to feel incredibly insecure by social media. It affects all of us, but maybe those of us that are of my generation (Gen X), are old enough to see it for what it is (propaganda to make women feel less than).

  8. It's like you provide their family life? (Your “wife's”, her “bestie's” and your son.) You need to set clear boundaries meaning removing the other man from your household. Is there a way you could become a stay-at-home dad after the second is born and your wife has recovered enough to enter the workforce?

  9. She needs a different doctor and a second opinion. Anyone that dismisses pain as “something that happens” is probably one of those doctors that graduated last in their class

  10. It's not about the money, really, it's that she wants to bring a 3rd wheel on what was supposed to be a romantic trip. I would say no and question whether she's really as into this relationship as you are.

  11. It's called anxiety. You got into your head too much, got too anxious, and it killed your dick. Try to just relax and go with the flow. Focus on how things are feeling. And always have a condom on standby that doesnt require you to go too far to get to it. Even try practicing opening them/putting them on alone, so when the time comes it's natural and easy to do.

    And talk to her about it. Just be honest and say you got so nervous/anxious that you just lost the vibe in the moment. Assure her it had nothing to do with her, and was all about you just psyching yourself out by wanting things to go well. She'll most likely think it's sweet that you care so much that you psyched yourself out.

  12. This. Right. Here.

    Ask her. but fon’t let her try to brush you off, or say she doesn’t wanna talk about it. Tell her you’re going to talk about it, or you’re done. End of story.

  13. That's if you're not salary-exempt. I notice that a lot of people on Reddit seem to pretend it doesn't exist.

  14. I never once complained to him.. ever.

    Girl, don't start now. He's done enough for you to walk away. He's not spending time with you, don't chase him. Give him the energy he gives you and then you'll realise that you don't have a relationship.

    You should really work on your standards and the first bare minimum should be “I don't date liars” Oh, look at that your boyfriend no longer qualifies to date you.

  15. He gave you a good explanation, you just didn’t agree with it. He doesn’t need to explain himself when it seems like you won’t understand.

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