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Date: September 23, 2022

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  1. There's something about this man your husband finds attractive – not necessarily sexually or romantically but something about his life that your husband wants to court or impress. Or he's taking on the “mentor” role way too seriously and quickly, like he wants to be seen as a big man and successful beyond what he is. But he also knew it was inappropriate and ridiculous to drop that kind of cash on a luxury item for a non-family member, so he tried to hide it. He might be experiencing a midlife crisis and sees Kevin as a youthful figure he can connect with in some way and wants to grow that relationship in any way he can. Either way, talking about it more than this should definitely be on the table.

  2. Well this is looking more optimistic by the minute! If I were you, I would just be very honest about your intentions and how you would like the scenario to play out. If I were her, and investing time, I’d want to know I was the only person you were courting (for example, among other things). I think over-communication is going to be your best freind here.

  3. Yes, from the PEAK, in a global downturn. My portfolio is down 20% just in 2022 and I’m in index funds

    He’s 25. He has a lot of runway ahead of him

  4. How does calling one’s son Aryun mean that the post is fake? Are you implying that only white people can be racist?

  5. It sounds like your relationship isn't meeting your needs. It also sounds like your bf is a shitty bf. I don't think many people would be happy in a relationship like you describe. Why are you staying?

  6. Also talking to somebody isn’t immoral as well, as far as we know she did nothing wrong.

    It was 100% wrong. She was talking to another guy behind her fiancé's back for 3 MONTHS. A lot can happen in 3 months…

  7. But she brought her phone with her? Not so smart.

    I don't know what's going on here, but it would be stupid to purposely leave the watch and take the phone.

    If she is cheating, she's going to have to leave both at the office from now on.

  8. She doesn't owe him common courtesy. She doesn't owe him anything. If the genders were reversed, he wouldn't owe her anything.

  9. Other than that, when people clown on insecurities, they forget that they have been lucky. You almost read atleast once in a week or sometimes more than once, how the girl got together or the boy got together with their “best friend”.

    That shitty feeling of being there just turns a guy/girl off.

    Thats a boundary and cool if it does not match. People will insult but it is good.

    Judgement is always done and better that people who have same ideas collide for a happy relationship, than going onto clown on why do you not date this girl with guy bf.That burns a lot.

  10. Don't tell him until your memory comes back…maybe you didn't have sex but just got undressed and went to sleep. If you don't remember it happening then it didn't happen. Don't take another person's word for it until you know ?

  11. I mean it's people rightfully telling you it's not a smart move. We tell this to teens all the time, don't rely on that.

    Also your wife sexually coerced you and sucks, I'd honestly ditch her ass. I can't imagine how much resentment I'd have that she unilaterally decided to make this HUGE choice. I'm petty AF so I'd probably do something in kind, but regardless, I don't think you can trust her if that's how she treats you, your input AND your agreement

  12. Do you communicate about what you like? A lot of women do not orgasm from penile penetration. Honestly, probably most. You should communicate and see what works best for you. There is so much more to do with fingers and tongues and toys in addition to or instead of PIV sex.

  13. Exactly what I was thinking, it's probably post nut clarity he probably felt guilty and ran instead of talking.

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