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  1. Sounds like you’re trying to do it behind his back. Why? Just straight up ask him, no need to “sneak around”.

  2. I mean my parents were illiterate and they survived somehow. As long as you have means to survive I don’t think it should affect the relationship with them. I mean I certainly wouldn’t care if they didn’t have a degree.

  3. I think he liked having her attention and still wants to have it. But seeing him with you seems to have put her off him. So now he’s upset that he doesn’t get the validation from her anymore that she used to give him so freely.

    I agree with the others, seems like he either wants he to keep pining after him or he has unresolved feelings for her himself.

    Maybe she was still into him 6 months ago, maybe she just wanted to be friends. Fact is, he’s the only one being weird now.

  4. I think it’s a case of damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

    He’s already stated why he doesn’t want to remain married and anything you say or don’t can probably be skewed to you agreeing- it takes the blame off him then for ducking out of the marriage because “you wanted it too”. Means he’s not the bad guy.

    So tell him what you said above. After that last argument why would you fight to hold someone who clearly doesn’t want to stay. Why put yourself though that heartbreak for a losing proposition. See what he says to that.

  5. something else to remember about the photos you might have found, and this is very important to remember: PHOTOSHOP. If the images you found came from an Instagram or other social media account, there's a good chance that flaws have been “edited out.” It's a similar thing going on in women's magazines, especially if they deal mostly in “fashion” or “beauty.” What you're looking at, it's likely as phoney as a $3 bill. Scars, age spots, wobbly bits in the wrong place. they can all be erased with a deft touch of editing. If I look at a billboard ad or a glossy shot of a woman in a bikini, as a male, I'm thinking, “how much of what I'm seeing is real?” Makeup, I consider that to be an “honest” deception. However when she looks “too perfect” then she probably isn't all that real.”

    I's good to see that your boyfriend truly loves you and cares deeply about your well being. At the very least, let him hug you. He might struggle with what to say, but work hot to remind yourself, these pictures are all fantasies, they're not real women. If you told a supermodel, “right, no editing, no makeup, and you do your own hair today,” she'd likely recoil in horror. If you have any friends that are fairly recently married, ask them if you can look at their wedding album, then take a good look at how they look today. This can give you some perspective about Photoshop.

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  7. I agree that he should make sure his wife is ok with it first, but what did he say that makes you think he has a Hidden agenda? He is only a couple of years older, so they can easily be friends and it be ok. I've got younger and older friends, it happens. What age range is ok for friendship in your eyes? It's nice to have friends in your class as a mature student.

    I will say though, I'd say it's ok if they don't meet up often, and don't message all the time or anything. If she knows he is married and nothing is hidden etc, an actual friendship.

    On the other side, I think it's a problem if your partner doesn't want you to have friends of the opposite (or same, or both!) sex. Are you attracted to 100% of men (or women)? What's the harm in being friends with someone?

  8. You gotta say it, and soon, because childcare is going to be a lot harder to accomplish if you have to tell him “hey guess what you've got a 10 year old also I didn't tell you about it”

    Tell him your life has been busy but it needs to be addressed and you need to work out custody and child support. His wedding is not your problem to deal with, it's his. It should not change anything about your own plans.

  9. You can easily block him then. You both aren’t together, and it’s not gonna be good for you to stay in contact with him!!

  10. Irrespective of where you come from, emotions and time spent shouldn't be neglected at any cost. It's part of life where people come and go. The sooner we learn the faster we will learn to enjoy our life without depending on others. It doesn't matter even if you're married to the love of your life, at the end of the day as an individual you are for yourself. Tc , move on as he will do.

  11. What closure do you need? You're both engaged to other people. It's very much closed already. Are you sure she just wanted to catch up? Or is it possible she wanted to get into your head by showing you her new fiance? Maybe suggesting she upgraded and you missed out? I may be pessimistic on this but I have a pretty hot time understanding why she would want to do that in person with her fiance present.

  12. I think that she’s growing apart from you, and that sucks, because you didn’t really do anything to push her away. She is in the process of changing her identity in pursuit of her dream, and that means she is giving her free time to that dream instead of you.

    She’s being very selfish and she doesn’t realize it. But this sounds like the new status quo. You have to either work around her, or end the relationship. If she has to compromise, she’s going to resent you for it.

  13. Even though your gf struggles with bpd (which is relevant and should be taken into consideration), her issues with the other people in your life seem to go beyond her mental illness. If it was just her bpd making her act this way, I feel like she’d probably have moments where she realizes her behavior is toxic and apologizes for it – but it sounds like she hasn’t had those moments of clarity and has consistently been against your friends.

    Your gf is displaying very controlling and manipulative behavior. I’m not in a position to call your gf abusive, but I WILL say that trying to distance your partner from their friends is what abusers do so that their partner relies only on them for everything, forcing them to stay in the relationship.

    And your gf’s decision to choose you over her parents was her choice, and that’s completely on her – NOT you. Similarly, your decision to cut off or not cut off your friends should be your decision and NOT hers. Her using the “I cut off my parents for you” card to try to get you to end your friendships is 100% manipulative and toxic, because you didn’t ask her to cut off her family. That was her choice.

    I recommend that you 1) recognize that her behavior is abusive, 2) stop rationalizing/putting up with her abuse, and 3) tell her that if she doesn’t get her act together, that your relationship will end.

    If she doesn’t like the people in your life that much, she can choose to stop being a part of your life. What she can’t do is dictate who you can have relationships with. She isn’t your mom.

    I’m not saying that your gf will necessarily always be a bad person. She might just be going through a messy/toxic phase and will eventually come out of it (I went through something similar but much less extreme) but either way, you CANNOT continue to take control over your life. Even if she’s a good person underneath this toxic behavior, it doesn’t matter – this behavior should not be tolerated.

    I’m very sorry that you’re experiencing this. It sounds like your gf either isn’t mature enough to have a serious relationship or is just a toxic person. I hope you can find a way forward that allows you to maintain healthy relationships with everyone you choose to have in your life.

  14. i pointed it out to my bf. it’s gross how objectifying anime is, specifically. big bouncing breasts on a 14-16 year old girl is somehow normal and “cute”. god no

  15. Just tell him he's right, you don't have time for a relationship (and you're not interested in being a booty call). Tell him to stop trying to rekindle something you just can't put any time or energy into.

  16. I’ve been in this situation before. Like the other says. You both value the relationship differently. Obviously you consider him best friend, while he consider you a friend. You feel what you feel, you can’t help that. I too felt hurt when that happened to me. Re evaluate your relationship and decide. I do think honesty is the best policy as miscommunication can breed problems. I don’t think you’re wrong by telling him how you feel. He got mad because he doesn’t feel that way and to him he treated you fairly. It is up to him if he wants to have stronger relationship or not.

  17. Let me guess the story he told you. He's stuck in this horrible marriage, his wife is controlling and he hates being with her. He loves you, but his wife doesn't want to divorce. He wants to be with you, you're his soulmate… etc etc etc.

    He played you. Learn a lesson and move on.

  18. He is incredibly manipulative and he displays all the classic emotional abuse markers. He’s trying to isolate you from your family and make your life entirely about him. Leave him and spend Christmas with your family. There’s tonnes of great content live about narcissistic abuse and it’s worth reading up on it so you can recognise the red flags next time! Once you read up on it you’ll be floored at how much of it you recognise. Good luck!

  19. I wonder how well your husband would have taken it if a male friend of yours had bought you a sex toy?

    I doubt he’d be as cool and reasoned about it as you are being now. That’s not sarcasm, I think you’d handled this really well as I’d be fucking livid. Sleeping on sofa livid.

  20. I'm an attorney and my GF is a local TV personality who used to model. She sometimes struggles to understand things I bring up regarding politics, science, etc. I love that I get to be the one to explain them to her and get super proud when she gets it – I'm the one who helped her expand her knowledge of new concepts.

    Conversely, sometimes I can't understand other things like pop culture, unspoken social cues, etc. She gets to be the one to teach me on that front.

    I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm not looking to date another version of myself.

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  22. I would like to thank you for your compassion. I don't think a stranger has ever been as nice to me as you. I think he knows vary well that there will never be anything between us and he is always dancing on the line where he is still barely appropriate. He hasn't made any real attempts to be intimate and my guess is he never will. It feels like I'm overreacting.

  23. My husband calls me a pain in the ass all the time, usually when I've done a ridiculously stupid pun or some other wordplay.

    I don't think that it was meant in the way you took it. But I also understand having someone potentially say the wrong thing and have your brain twist it. I think you should look into therapy, or if you have a therapist, bring it up.

  24. Bruh are you serious?

    “I am basically grounded” If that's your attitude about having to deal with the consequences of YOUR infidelity then boy you're way more of a garbage person than the average shitty cheater. ?

  25. Has he tried a sleep study to determine if he needs a CPAP? Even if it's not sleep apnea you can still use a CPAP.

  26. I had to check the ages again because this sounds like a high school relationship. Your girlfriend seems very immature/passive aggressive, and that she doesn’t communicate what she wants and then gets mad when you can’t read her mind.

    What did you say when she said everything was fine until you called? That would hurt my feelings. Did you tell her that? Did she care? It seems like you’re trying to figure out how she feels and if she’s going to break up with you. But you should really, honestly be asking yourself how you feel about her and what you need. Do you want to date someone constantly dissatisfied who makes you jump through hoops to please her? If she’s just acting rudely because she’s stressed, does she apologize later? Is this temporary stress and she’ll be in a better place in a set time frame, or will she be in debt and stressed for a while? If the latter, can she acknowledge that she’s being rude to you and figure out other ways to deal with stress that don’t involve dumping on you?

    You’ve got a lot to think through and to communicate with her – if she’s a good partner and she knows that she’s hurting you/making you feel insecure, then she will make an effort to change that behavior. If she doesn’t… well then I would really question if you love her enough to put up with being her punching bag.

  27. You can share great life moments for someone and experience the strongest emotions for them. However, those memories and the actions of another is not mutually exclusive. You can have that and still recognize that he isn't to the level that you need and deserve and what he did was fucked up

  28. I’d personally contact the work woman too and tell her exactly what you found. If she doesn’t reciprocate his feelings and it’s all in his head then he’s been stalking her. I personally would go nuclear if I found a work colleague had folders full of photos of me and had been writing about me live. I’d feel so violated and vulnerable

  29. Thank you for your answer. This has really put some of my own thoughts into perspective.

    You're right if I do decide to withhold this from everybody, it is because of me being selfish. I already have trouble being confrontational. But this is something which I could have never imagined. I am still having trouble coming to terms with my situation.

    Although, I must say I am leaning towards confronting my father and giving him a chance. It's important to understand that I am in a very volatile position right now. We as a family have worked very hot to make sure that I get a good education from a good university. It has been a tough journey. Not only is it a massive emotional commitment, it is also a substantial financial commitment for my parents.

    If I somehow muster up the courage to either confront my dad or tell my mom, I am making things naked for everybody.

    But at the same time, it feels like after I'm gone, it's just going to get worse.

  30. You need to work on your self-esteem and kick him to the curb so he can go back to “showering” with his ex, after sex, and find a man who sees you as a priority instead of openly cheating on you.

  31. LDRs only tend to work when there's a reasonable timeline on them. A partner moving away temporarily as example. If this is just open ended and there's no tangible plan to live! in the same city in the future you're right to have these doubts. Not everyone is able to feel what they need to in a relationship when their partner is merely pixels on a screen or a disembodied voice from a distance. You can let this go on for as long as you want to. But unless it's conceivable that you'll be physically together in a consistent way in the near future it'll probably fall apart just from entropy.

  32. I'm seeing someone = I'm casually dating someone and am unsure yet whether I want to commit to an exclusive relationship because we're still getting to know each other

    I have a girlfriend = I know enough about this person and care for this person enough to commit to a relationship

  33. He’s trying to use negative reinforcement to train you like an animal.

    Technically it's not negative reinforcement (which would be the removal of something averse to reinforce behaviour) but punishment (the addition of something with the aim to reduce behaviour).

    But whatever term from Behaviourism you use to describe it, it is abusive and controlling.

  34. Ya in 23 years they will be 37 not 14 anymore.

    Impress yourself that you could handle that math? I am surprised you managed it.

    A 23 year age gap is gross no matter how you look at it. When she was 14 he was 37. She could be younger than his kids.

    Religion has nothing to do with it. It's gross to marry someone who wasn't alive when you became an adult.

    When you're not 14 anymore (or at least stop acting like it), you might understand.

  35. I'm glad that you are getting a picture of reality in these comments.

    I was abused for many years, and I couldn't tell up from down.

    How he's treating you qualifies as abuse.

    I bet you will see more and more mistreatment as you distance yourself. I'm so sorry you have to go through this.

  36. He assisted in the destruction of your relationship with your mom. No.

    That’s a personal decision. He’s a grown man who was aware of what he was doing, and he did not care if it brought you harm.

    That is also a personal decision. But, as a mom, I could not imagine doing anything to harm my children in that way. It’s unthinkable. She, too, is a grown adult who was aware of her actions and did not care if it brought you harm.

    Unfortunately, I think your upbringing may have impacted the partners you choose in a negative way. If you have the means, seek therapy to figure out why you would want to keep either person in your life. Do you think you deserve it? Do you think these people have your best interests at heart?

  37. YAA, aka “you’re an asshole” for bringing this to Reddit, as if you’re asking if your wife setting a boundary about not being yelled and sworn at by her husband is toxic.

    No. That is not okay. Some people grew up with it, didn’t know any better, but it is not okay. Yelling can happen sometimes, and that can indicate you might need help navigating disagreements, but swearing is never okay. Are you her partner? Swearing completely crossing the boundary between partners vs the situation and partner vs partner. You need to change the dynamic. Tackle issues as your partner and you vs the problem, not vs each other.

  38. Tell him that you expect a heart felt apology and not more excuses. He said what he said.

    He said what he did. Instead of owning up to his mistake, he is trying to say he didn't mean it and he meant something else.

    Don't have sex with him if you don't feel like it.

  39. Oh god, you don’t want people you want to work with thinking that’s your choice of partner. I should think, if you stayed with her, they would seriously question your judgment.

  40. Do these jeans make me look fat kind of question is not something you contemplate that heavily on. He got in trouble because he found OP attractive and thought seriously enough to tell the wife that.

    OP here might not have been inexperienced enough to know a creep when she was around him.

  41. Wow. I would put him on mute & go on living my awesome life with out a mean horrible ex in the picture. Start the divorce process ASAP. And yes he is seeing someone else.

  42. How do you say marriage is so sacred to you when your comments are all so nonchalant about how it doesn’t matter if you figure things out before or after marriage? You act like a divorce is just as simple and clean cut as a breakup when you are literally having to get the government involved for one of them

  43. What is unable to be understood without healthy conversation?

    That you aren‘t sexually attracted to your partner. As you said, you haven‘t told him that. That‘s as cruel as stupid.

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