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Birth Date: 1994-12-29

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Subculture: subcultureGlamour

Date: September 4, 2022

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  1. He's calling you weird while behaving in a way that you and this whole comment section finds “so off and uncomfortable” they suggest you get out of there. He's calling. You. Weird… I'm not joking when I say this made my spine tingle in a bad way. He has some major damage if he doesn't recognise what he's doing. Tell him he's making you Very uncomfortable, that he's acting anything but normal and that he has to deal with whatever that is because you are not qualified to nor obligated to fix something he doesn't see as a problem. If a dam breaks and he spills, let it, at least you'll know. If it doesn't and he remains oblivious and turns it on you again, walk away.

    You have to take care of yourself Before his problem becomes Your trauma.

  2. half of my brain says: wait till she change her mind; other half says: she's your dear old friend who need you as a listener. Its like dr jekyll and mr hyde

  3. The fact he’s asking for a 50/50 split while making 75k a year and OP only makes $18 an hour is 1000% the problem here.

    It's really not though, because OP was the one pushing for the expensive loft. Splitting 50/50 is fine when the lower earner determines the budget. If boyfriend was pushing for the epensive apartment and expecting OP to pay half, I would agree thats a red flag. But OP determined the budget and agreed that splitting it 50/50 was acceptable.

    The boyfriend relied on that to figure his own budget. How is it fair that he now has to suffer because OP sucks at budgeting herself? It's not.

    They should finish out the lease and find something within OP's budget, or boyfriend can buy his house and charge OP a fair amount of rent to online there.

  4. Leave the group chats and tell your parents not to bother you about this anylonger. For years now one cares if you existed or not and now you are simply doing them the favor.

  5. Right now you’re young enough to leave and start over with someone else. Start packing your shit right in front of him and see how that silent treatment turns into a massive conniption.

  6. Some people are defending you because you were blindsided by a bad scenario but having been in a similar situation to your partner, you don't ever get to un say things. She might forgive you for it with time even but she will never ever forget, and it could take years for her to even forgive you.

    There is a chance she will no longer want to get married, you compared her to her abuser. There are few crueler things and you clearly do want kids with such an extreme reaction.

    Apologize and then break off the engagement. It will hurt but it's probably for the best long term.

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  8. Does your job pay more than his / do you contribute more than 50% financially towards shared bills?

    If so, your commute is benefitting him, and he should carry some extra weight.

    If not I would say your commute really has nothing to do with your chore division. Your job is your choice and it doesn’t get you out of doing your share of chores.

    That said, you also don’t have to do chores on his schedule. If you want to relax a bit after work that’s totally cool. Tell him that. Take 30 mins or an hour and then do your chores.

    It may also be worth revisiting the cooking schedule. Maybe he cooks some days and you others?

  9. Don't stay with a guy who listens to dumbass podcasts about masculinity and tries to drag you down.

    Break up with him and say you deserve an adult, not a child.

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