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Date: October 1, 2022

7 thoughts on “Ariana. live! webcams for YOU!

  1. He has a history of going for people younger than him.

    He get a you high and drunk.

    He invites you over when his wife isn't home, but never when she is.

    Even for someone that doesn't understand social cues well, the circumstances should be more than enough of an explanation.

  2. As I started reading, my gut reaction was that the sister should mind her own business. But after I've read the texts, I think the sister had a good reason to do it.

  3. I know and I’m going to be there I’m not going anywhere . I guess it’s just really hot because I wanna just say to those siblings what the heck is your problem but I’m not. Any advice you could give me

  4. Reddit loses its shit over age gaps that are barely age gaps. So they'll lose their shit over this.

    Theyre both consenting adults so they can do what they want. You're also free to accept it or not accept it

  5. Ffs you are an idiot.

    She cheated on you, and was for a while.

    She lied to you.

    And when confronted with everything, rather than feeling guilty that she has damaged or destroyed your relationship together she found it empowering.

    Divorce now.

    Use her infidelity to get as much as possible from the divorce (low or no alimony if it’s a thing where you are, full custody of the children, the home you live in etc).

    Grow a fucking spine.

    DNA test the children, because you should not believe her when she says that she wasn’t cheating earlier, or that it hasn’t been physical.

    Kick her the fuck out of the home – she can go live! with her affair partner – but she doesn’t get to stay in the family home anymore.

    Tell everyone. All her family, all your family, all mutual friends, he’ll depending on what she does as a job, tell her employer, as some jobs have a morality clause in the contract, so any actions that might bring disrepute to the company can be used to get them fired.

  6. It is in fact quite generous that we allow him to take part in the ceremonial aspects of this tradition when he has no claim to it.

    The fucking audacity of this.

    You can do what you want on land you solely own. You do not get to dictate this to others no matter the tradition or culture when you aren't the sole owner.

    You need to learn that you aren't in charge and aren't most important. He has a claim to be present for everything dealing with the work he's doing the majority of. You can choose to include him or not do your practice. The choice should never have been whether he was involved or not. It was whether you do your practice on shared land or not, with him being included if you did.

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