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Date: September 19, 2022

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  1. Misery loves company. He's probably upset she broke up with him and wants to ruin some shit on the way out.

  2. My interpretation is that he obviously liked it, but he actually gives a fuck about you and is just saying you're a hottie as is. So, just say, “i know you like me for me, but sexy time is a bit more sexier when i feel sexy. So, unless it disgusts you, i like dressing up and feeling it.” I don't see why there'd be an issue, especially since it went over pretty well by the way you describe your night!

  3. dude, everyone has the right to define and draw their own conclusion as what they think of as cheating but… performing a sexual act on someone who isn’t your partner sounds to me like the very, most standard definition of the term?

  4. This guy is not in any fit state to be in a relationship. It will take probably at least a year of consistent therapy, and perhaps medication as well, for him to even approach being in a fit state for a relationship. You can’t fix him.

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