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  1. You are very horney very often, an you don't have condoms? Even if I thought there was a 0% chance of sex, I would still have condoms. Get some condoms. I don't care if you think you are having sex or not. Get condoms. And don't have sex without them.

    Also, you and him shouldn't be together. Definitely not compatible.

  2. You are a grown up and it's time to speak up for yourself. If you do t do it now they will always say things to keep you with them forever. If you and your boyfriend are happy then that's all that matters. Parents can and will ruin their kids lives and relationships if the kids let them. Stand up and speak up and let the chips fall where they may. And good luck in the future I wish you years of happiness.Dont let your parents bully you.

  3. Did you read what I wrote? I understand that, which is why when I wrote “her decision” I put emphasis on the word her. I’m sure he is leaving her alone. But she may come to regret her decision and reach out to him. I was telling him that, if she should do that, even though he is her son, he can still set boundaries with her.

  4. dump him. he doesn't “understand” and he's not “doing better,” he's just saying that so you won't leave

  5. To fufill his needs you need to actually listen to him. Your “help each other resolve family stuff,” is more centered on your beliefs of what you think he needs. You need to take yourself, ideas of what is right, out of the equation.

  6. This is so heartbreaking, she really does not deserve this.

    You really need to talk with her and assess if it is really what she wants.

    If you really have such a high sex drive, just break up with her. In both cases her self-esteem will be crushed but at least she won’t be tortured thinking about you having sex with someone else.

  7. I don’t think Reddit is the place to ask anybody advice. Most of the people here have no idea what they’re talking about and they’re willing to impose that on you, with no consequences on their end.

    Talk to friends, talk to family. A therapist, even.

  8. Honestly if the bf breaks up with OP over this, OP deserves it. She decided, depending on her mood, that she didn’t like what the bf was doing, and chose to physically assault him.

  9. I am very very sorry to hear that. That stance has always frustrated me. How exactly do you view something as a “sin”, but don't think any less of someone for doing said “sin”? I know a few Christians who have that opinion too, and I know equally as many that no longer view it as a sin, but a misinterpretation of scripture, which is what I believe as well. (I don't necessarily see myself as a very religious person, but I do have an interest in theology and was brought up with it, hence the opinion).

    If you can still be friends with her than all power to you. Maybe you can help her see the light? If not, I totally understand.

    That really sucks. 🙁

  10. boyfriend (37m) is mad that I got an apartment

    You did nothing inappropriate, he shouldn't be mad at you – his behavior/reaction is very inappropriate.

    My landlord also divulged my boyfriend's yelling and stuff were factors in why he evicted me because I had been fine

    Yeah, you should dump him – in addition to all the above, he's 37 and still living with “brother, sister in law and nieces” – by 37 I'd been living independently for two decades. And what's your boyfriend done for you? Causes you to get evicted and then gets mad at you for finding your own place.

    give up on him

    Yeah, that's likely the best move.

  11. If this their culture then it is a shit culture, that deserve to disrespected. With that said i imagine it is not culture and her parents are just shit people.

  12. I didn’t even do anything wrong here. When we were together I feel I suppressed my needs to not be too much to the point where I felt I was there to make him happy , put their wants before my needs and was scared to ask for anything. Yet I’m exhausting? For existing and being in pain? Notice how I didn’t even describe any actions here, just said that I was in pain and was insulted for it. IM exhausted. I’m exhausted by being judged and made to feel like a burden for being autistic and mentally ill. What would be best for me is not listening to this opinion at all

  13. The only country I know of that makes a big thing of women's day is Russia, and it's not the feminist event that the western works has, it's more about celebrating the old-fashioned feminine stereotype. So maybe other countries wouldn't understand your expectations, or might even feel a bit revolted by them.

  14. Sorry, this sounds like a total mess. Neither of you trusts the other, you're not happy with how she texts with other men, and you don't like being blamed for doing something she asked you to do. She's also dealing with a horrible traumatic experience on top of all of this.

    By the way, I suspect that she has a ton of conflicting feelings about her “friend” and what he did to her, and she's dumping some of those negative feelings onto you because she doesn't know how to handle them. You would be completely justified in telling her, the next time she brings up how you “ruined her friendship,” that you are not cool with being blamed for doing exactly what she wanted, and that she either needs to drop it or tell you what she wants you to do about it. You're here to support her in dealing with this experience, but bringing up the texts she told you to send over and over again simply to berate you does nothing except to make you feel bad.

    Your post also mentions boundaries but here's the thing: boundaries are for you. If her boundary is that you don't talk to other women, then you can decide whether to honor it or not, and it's up to her to determine whether she is okay with that. So if you think it's wrong of her to control whom you talk to, then tell her that you're going to continue being friends with other women, and leave the ball in her court. She can choose to break up with you or not.

    As for her behavior, you are absolutely free to decide that you don't want to date someone who asks stuff of you but doesn't reciprocate. I think this will all feel a lot clearer in your mind if you start living your life according to your principles, rather than doing things you disagree with just to keep the peace.

  15. I'm not sure i agree. When my Sister in law was pregnant she had a 12 week ultrasound done etc.

    The NHS don't ration out ultrasounds.

  16. Wait—did he say anything about it? How did she treat you? How was he after? Did you say anything to him?

  17. I'm 29 and couldn't fathom dating someone your age, we'd be in such different places in life that we'd have so little to nothing in common. He's for sure using you for fun and status.

  18. About the same here. Left someone who clearly didn't respect my time and effort. I would arrive to her place and she would be an hour to 2 hours from being ready. Always late and always behind. I could never make any reservations that would be meaningful and it was just super stressful all the time.

    To me it just seemed super petty and super immature thing to do.

  19. Well, it just sounds like he literally doesn't have the time for a relationship and is prioritizing the things that are most important for his future. I know it sucks that you're not one of the priorities but he's making an adult decision to better himself. That doesn't mean that you'll never exist in that world. Just not right now. It seems like even if you were closer, he still wouldn't have the time or effort available to make you a priority.

  20. You are not the problem. She is still emotionally bonded with the Ex. And that emotional bond is stronger than what you have with her.

    There's plenty of objective research that places the problem on her.

    Your problem is you are codependent and desperate thinking she is the best you can do.

    Most people do not being Exs into a relationship. And those that do eventually sabotage future relationships.

  21. Prostate massage is great for a dude's orgasm. Maybe he is afraid you aren't very open-minded and is hiding it from you.

    However he is using it, you are violating his privacy by snooping, which is a huge dealbreaker.

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