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  1. Yeah, pretty much. He was selfish, unreliable, and inconsiderate all along, but that Christmas it was finally at my expense.

  2. Back when I was around your age (younger), I dated a similar guy. He would punish me by being silent because he counted on me pleading to him to talk to me, apologizing repeatedly. I think closer to when I finally was fed up with him and decided to break up, I started to just give him ALL the space. No contact whatsoever for a week. He finally contacted me first after around 8 days. He's all sulky and annoyed that I didn't follow through with the routine of me basically apologizing, or trying to appease him. 🙂 He actually changed a little after that, but I already made up my mind that I wanted out of that relationship (6 years of mostly misery, in my case). I'm now married to someone who fully 100% support me and while he does have insecurity, he trusts me fully and I don't have to walk on eggshells around him trying to convince him that I'm not cheating when I'm talking to a male coworker. I can be fully honest with him and feel secure he won't punish me for being honest. It's great when you have a partner who's aware that they have insecurity but will not be controlling and be overly insecure. 🙂 You should try it sooner than later, OP. Don't waste too much time on this guy.

  3. You should block her everywhere and stop talking to her completely. She is having an affair, do you understand that? She is cheating on her boyfriend with you. It doesn't need to be physical for it to be cheating.

  4. Why don't you feel comfortable dating a trans woman?

    If that is the only reason, then I think maybe you should do a little digging around to figure out why that is.

  5. Everyone we ever date is wrong for us to a certain extent. No one is a perfect fit.

    In many respects, a relationship could be considered great if the two people in it are mostly right for each other.

    But we struggle to accept that because of what we’ve been led to believe about romanticism.

    We expect our partner to continue to excite and inspire us despite our relationship being focused on mundane domestic conditions 95% of the time.

    That’s why we think it’s a dilemma when we feel our boss is hot while we feel our long term partner is only just pretty good.

    We’re struck by a confusing moment of reflection. Are we really still in love with our our partner if we can feel this way about someone else?

    Yeah, we are. In fact, feeling the way we do about our partner is the inevitable outcome or trying to love someone after you actually get to know them.

    See, you don’t really know your boss. Your feelings are a baseless infatuation.

    Whereas the feelings for your partner are based on years of side-by-side, through-thick-and-thin living companionship.

    They’re not even in the same realm.

    In many respects, love is not romantic – its dutiful and present and sometimes boring or even frustrating.

    And this is perhaps more so the longer we stay together.

    But the fact that another person, your partner, has chosen to invest their time, their life, in your comfort, safety and happiness is no small gesture.

    Best of luck.

  6. Well I wouldn’t marry him. The way I see relationships is that it’s not about the dollar amount. It’s about the effort that is put in by each side. You put in 100%. He is putting in a tepid 23% and whining like a damn baby the whole time. He ain’t changing and you can’t change him. If you stay this will be your life. You will always be having to hold everything down and clean up his mess while he carries a list of reasons why his fuck ups are your fault. You deserve way better then this. He has failed to be level to basic standards- respect, support, honesty and trust. You can’t fix that and the only thing worse would be settling for that. Don’t settle for less then you deserve.

  7. Meh i don't know. My wife cheating and my friend suggesting her to cheat would probably have a lot of people react pretty similarly, or at least think along those lines

  8. Not really lucky. Not to be tmi, just trying to be helpful but it’s because I don’t use toys, & mainly the way masturbate & know my body is why.

    Idk if some girls actually don’t masturbate or if they just say that, but that’s probably why they can’t orgasm from PIV.

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