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Date: September 29, 2022

12 thoughts on “Angiemcqueen live! sex cams for YOU!

  1. i would argue he SHOULD be insecure in the relationship. She fucked up. Wouldn’t you want to know who you are really with?

  2. What?

    Am I dumb if I stay with her because I love her?

    I feel like it's horrible for you to even question that. Because why would you leave her to begin with?

  3. You do realize you can imply your feelings without verbally saying them right? They way you talk about your wife is what makes it clear you think she’s lazy.

    Replies saying “if I make all the money, the least she could do is clean the house” Implies you think she’s lazy when she doesn’t.

    And you mentioned multiple options to leave, which implies you’ve thought about it long enough to plan your exit.

    Moreover, you seem to take issue with people calling you out and nitpick finer details while ignoring the larger point. You don’t seem to like your wife, so maybe don’t try to sympathy-bait on the internet

  4. The rest of the story. We were swingers until 5 years ago — together. He thinks that I should be compassionate that he can no longer be active. And I should understand that eventually that would come to an end. I think I should find a BF. We have friends who would oblige. I’m trying to learn to be a sneaky liar. It’s not my nature although it’s his

  5. He tried to find my address recently since he doesn’t have it (my parents would have a heart attack if they knew I’m seeing someone who’s 32) but I’m keeping that away from him since he said if I ever ignore his message he would come to my house personally.

    Tell him that you will be calling the police on him and get a restraining order against him if he does this. Then block him.

    You are actually letting him 'silence' yourself. Because he doesn't even know where you live. Your friends are right that you need to just block the guy and call it a day. Block all new requests too or calls from unknown numbers or even get a new phone number.

    If your social media profile is public, private it. Block him everywhere too.

  6. im appalled at the comments asking if you wanted him to lie. boobs are fucking hot. saggy boobs, mommy boobs, little boobs, big boobs. i wouldnt want to be with someone who can't appreciate boobs in all their glory. it would have even been okay to agree with you that aging and the like suck, boobs changing happens, but that doesnt change the value of boobs. because– i repeat, boobs are great.

  7. I just read this so I didn't report you. Had no clue there was a redditcare. But I care about you. Hugs ?

  8. Holy shit.


    1) see your doctor about your migraines since they're worse

    2) get a sleep study to see whyyou're snoring

    3) your husband is an asshole, and now you're seeing why a 30+ year old man went after a teenager

  9. This dude didn’t cheat. If he was too drunk to remember even seeing her there than he was too drunk to consent.

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