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Date: September 18, 2022

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  1. And do what? Rape your gf? Or tempt her so much she dumps you? I've been in countless situations where I knew my partner was around people who were interested in them. I trust my partner to make the right choices. My partner trusts me too not go and screw around and I never have. If I don't trust my partner, then there is no relationship. If you want to lock your gf up because someone else likes her and prevent her from interacting with them, I have news for you – that behavior is toxic and controlling af. If your gf was here in this thread saying “my bf tells me I can't hang out with my friends because they MIGHT be into me and he is jealous” I'd be telling this woman to run.

  2. I think you should let him know that there’s no animosity between the two of you but that you do need some space for now because jumping straight from a romantic relationship into an “everyday friendship” could be really confusing for you.

  3. The brain does that.

    In instances, where one needs to react for dear life, it just DOES.

    This sounds like a phenomenon that would be so common as to make data-gathering trivial.

    I happen to have encountered several situations, where cognition/ thinking just switched off.

    That's different from blacking out and not even forming memories. OP didn't describe watching himself just do things without thinking through them. He didn't even form memories of his actions, he blacked out. He cannot now recall what he did in between seeing the intruder in his sitting room and seeing their bloody face in his hands.

  4. You can chock it up to what you want but it is now your SO's responsibility to prevent things on your behalf.

    Same social event happens in the future, he steps up and says I can't come without you. Simply put, he doesn't allow a scenario to happen.

  5. So the 2 options are 1) communication or 2) leave. The first you have tried, and the latter you refuse. You either accept it, or be miserable with him forever. Your prerogative.

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