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Date: September 27, 2022

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  1. One where he won't be able to breathe whenever I am not beside him

    This may possibly be the most BS things I've ever seen on reddit. So, before you met he didn't breathe whike sleeping? FFS. Come on.

    He's kicking you because he is mad and you are letting him do it. The solution is easy.

  2. You can part on good terms now, and both of you go enjoy college, or you can wait until you resent each other or he cheats on you.

    There's nothing wrong with breaking up. Almost every relationship ends in a breakup. It isn't something to be ashamed of. It isn't a waste. Just move on. You're starting college and you have nothing but opportunity in front of you.

  3. Yeah dude this is a hot pass.

    The minute the hang out went from her and some friends to her and Jim having a sleepover she should have called it off.

    You should have looked at her with incredulity and been like are you seriously asking me if it's appropriate for you to spend the night at some dudes house!? Make her answer that question.

    Not anymore though my bro, the horse has left the barn.

    High time to break up with her now instead.

  4. Sweetheart, the only answer is to trust your gut. If what he asked for has irreparably damaged your feelings for him, that's okay.

    Take your time. You don't need to know the answer right away. Whatever you decide, he's the one who changed things, not you. Be kind to yourself honey.

    R/momforaminute is a good place to post if you are looking for support.

  5. Her response is childish but i do understand her. This is for sure a thing for me but it’s not hot if the guy is only doing it because I like it. She may be wondering what’s the point if he’s not that into it will it even give her the desired effect. She probably wants it to be a two way street and the way you phrased it made it seem like it was a one way and she was bringing you along.

    Totally not cool of her to react that way and deflect! I would be bummed and wouldn’t want to even do it with my lover if i knew he wasn’t into it. It takes so much work, practice and confidence to do it, however, I would also just take it off the table and not blame him. I would also find a partner that is into it as it is a way for me to express my femininity and sexuality.

    Good luck op, her responds was not okay but it probably really effected her deeply. I almost wonder if she think “ wow I don’t have a partner that gets off on me expressing myself to the fullest in a vulnerable and authentic way.” Doesn’t mean that train of thought is right or wrong.

  6. Do you think it would be too far to have my parents communicate I respect whatever choice he makes but I would like him to attend the wedding?

  7. I think your lens is a bit skewed. The question isn’t is he in the wrong or does his action warrant your ultimatum. It’s whether you want to be with this person. This is who he is. He wants to go to concerts not with you. He wants to work on the relationship as much as he’s showing you he wants to work on it. He’s as emotionally available as he’s shown in the last 3 years (or however long you’ve known him). Decide if that’s good for you. If not, divorce.

    But also, kicking him out seems harsh just from a bed standpoint. If he was going to move out in 5 days, just let him do that. No need to be spiteful about it.

  8. She called me asking about how an exam went as her bf wasn't asnwering and then she started crying and i basically let her talk cuz i felt bad for her, i didn't ask her to tell me anything, i'm not that type of person, if i could choose i would avoid all this situation…

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