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Date: September 18, 2022

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  1. Thanks 🙂 and yeah understandable, it definitely does get old and I feel like part of it is what you said trying to make me think he has someone. But yeah for sure definitely need to trust myself more too, yes he wouldn’t be with me if he didn’t want to be.

  2. I probably would have been able to be able to believe him and move on if he didn't lie to you about it in the first place. Your boyfriend isn't an idiot. He knew that this would be information that you would need to know, especially since people with trust issues generally require greater amounts of transparency and communication. Him brushing his cheating under the rug until five months into the relationship tells me that he definitely hasn't matured out of deceiving people he says he loves in order to get what he wants.

    A truly reformed cheater will never hide the fact that they've cheated. A reformed cheater would think twice before lying about why their pasts relationships ended to someone they wish to date in the future. A reformed cheater would understand that this would make it harder for current partners to trust them, which is exactly why former cheaters are upfront, honest, and generous with any details that pertains to their past relationships and cheating. If your boyfriend hid his cheating from you, this means that he is still in the habit of lying for his own selfish gain. Even if he may not think he'll cheat on you, he's showing you that he's still capable of hiding important information so long as it benefits him.

    I assume that as a person with troubles trusting partners, you would have sniffed it out if he was cheating on you with or without this information. He probably isn't stupid enough to make you suspicious of him when he's doing something that will blow up on him if he's caught. To be honest, though, I think that the chances of continuing a healthy relationship with him after this are pretty slim. Even if he has pulled a complete 180 and will never test your boundaries for as long as he lives, would you really be able to put the suspicions out of your head? Would either of you want to stay in a relationship where your trust has already been destroyed?

    At this point, the two most likely outcomes I see are the two of you breaking up amicably now or staying together until the resentment breaks you apart. If you choose to part ways, I'd advise him to be more transparent from the get-go about things he knows future partners will be hesitant about. His dating pool will be smaller, but he's never going to maintain a relationship by letting people believe he's someone that he's not. If he's really changed like he says he is, then he'll understand and be apologetic that he his crucial details from someone that DEFINITELY would have wanted to know.

    If you choose to stay, good luck. Who knows, things might work out, but it just feels like your flaws and his flaws are incompatible romantically. You can try to talk things out, maybe go to therapy together, but not gonna lie to you, it'll be a struggle. If you're afraid of being cheated on when your partners are open and honest, you're gonna be REALLY afraid of being cheated on when your partner has an extensive history.

  3. Nah we can understand why your girlfriend is feeling this way. People who get into relationships want to be their partner's first priority over everything, but the way she is behaving is just plain toxic.

    Breaking photos, yelling at your child, forcing you to remove your late wife's things, that's just controlling, jealous behavior. She cannot even force your child to accept her as a mom. Don't start crawling back to someone who disrespected your feelings, scared your child to the point she started crying, and disrespected your late wife.

    Your ex gf sounds like she'll go crazy at any point in time.

  4. I’m not being mean, I’m being direct you just keep wanting to feel self-pity and bad for yourself that you’re gonna lose your relationship and you’re doing it all to yourself. I was actually trying to be helpful and then I got frustrated.

  5. She's lying to you.

    Until she comes clean, don't get back together with her.

    most likely when you find out what she's lying about getting back together with her will not be a good idea.

    How could you ever trust her?

  6. Yeah but look at how he phrased things. It wasn’t “she just graduated high school and I was already an adult” it was “she didn’t feel ready”, priming us to see her as selfish/bad.

  7. That happens when you completely ignore your partner when making a big, life altering decision that will affect both of you.

  8. This isn't AITA, the guy and his gf are about to try something. What if he wants to spend the rest of his life with her, but doesn't want to have sex once every few years?

    He hasn't posted the medical problem, but I know several women with different afflictions that can cause them to be unable to have sex for years at a time.

  9. This is so heartbreaking, she really does not deserve this.

    You really need to talk with her and assess if it is really what she wants.

    If you really have such a high sex drive, just break up with her. In both cases her self-esteem will be crushed but at least she won’t be tortured thinking about you having sex with someone else.

  10. Jesus Christ man, stop pumping out children. Not saying it's a guarantee, but their life is going to be brutal with all this drama.

  11. He’s usually a great partner. I know I said he can be distant and dismissive but he’s also charming and gentle and he’s great with my nieces. He balances me out because I can be a little quick to jump to rash decisions and I’m anxious. I know I didn’t paint him in the best light but I really do love him. I’m just not sure if I can put up with this kind of behavior if it’s more than this specific incident which it seems like it is

  12. Honestly, you don't have a clue about what your girlfriend was thinking.

    Alcohol, reminiscing about the past & nostalgia can bring out weird emotions.

    If you can't have an honest discussion about this, you need to break up & move on.

  13. Plain and simple they both disrespected their partners. Sounds like the husband didn’t like it just as much as you, and they did it anyway. Your guy is 45, he didn’t care how you felt. Girl, you’re only 30, find someone else, maybe closer to your age. You shouldn’t have to tell a 45 yo that his getting matching tattoos with his girl bf bothers you. Maybe it shouldn’t, but it did and he didn’t care. His actions show you everything.

  14. I would say then I don't give a shit what you think. If lover boy isn't helping with the housework she deserves compensation.

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