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  1. Open relationships are a very dangerous idea. ESPECIALLY if you start mid relationship and even more so if both parties are not extremely enthusiastic about the idea. Some people can make it work but I think it’s safe to say it’s generally a very bad idea unless you started off with an open relationship.

    He’s not wrong to be upset, I get it. However, he has absolutely zero reason to be upset with you, you did nothing wrong and this is entirely his doing.

  2. My husband and I are each other's absolute best friends. A person who can't be your friend can never be a good partner.

  3. I got used to it with my ex. He liked to play “poke the cervix” which made it feel like needles were hitting my nerves. I started screaming in bed to mitigate it. There is actually a second G-spot deep in the vagina very near and under the cervix and if you can get used to that pain then when your partner does manage to hit it you end up with full body orgasms that feel totally different from ones caused by clitoral stimulation. Best way to do that that I found was to have him go in slow and if he hit the cervix then have him grind his hips until he managed to slip into the right position

  4. I think this is a precursor of what she's expecting in the relationship.

    It's up to you whether or not you're comfy with the dynamic or not.

    I am used to pay my half and have paid for dates before too. Generally, I got asked out and I always offered to pay my part of the bill every time, and 9 out of 10 times, the men always insisted on paying for the first date, and if it worked out, 2nd or 3rd date, I'd be the one treating. Etc. It's always a give-take thing.

    Everyone differs so yeah, good luck.

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  6. It’s crossing a boundary, not cheating. Did you tell him specifically that you are insecure and can’t tolerate him looking at this?

  7. I think you are making the right move. She has to rebuild that trust in you. I think its doable, this is fixable, but she has to do all the work. Shes who messed up, not you.

    I’d also make sure to thank that friend for what she did (stopping the predator AND telling you everything), and ask that the friend keeps you informed in the future if anything happens like she did today.

  8. You're obviously very bothered by it, break up with her and move on.

    If you think you can get over it, do so, but it seems like it's an issue for you.

  9. lactose intolerance will do that. You could ask her if she has any food intolerances and see where the conversation goes.

  10. A very similar situation to this caused me depression when I stayed. I lost all respect for myself for not doing what I knew was right. I lost respect for her for cheating with an ex after like 2 weeks of being a couple lol. I legit never viewed her the same again after that. God man, allllll the lies that came with it had me in such a fucked up head space. She gave me fake apologies and tears the first night but months later she admitted it happened more than the one time she confessed to (this confession came years later, I didn't know at the time. Her ex told me and she denied it for months and months and then he eventually sent undeniable proof and she could no longer lie so she fessed up to the one time he showed me proof of. Not before trying to say he faked the texts with Photoshop lol) that's when she also admitted she didn't feel bad about it because we were so new as a couple and she didn't know if she was making the right decision leaving her ex and then after fucking him a few times she decided I was the one for her, lucky me! ??

    My dumbass stayed and let my life go to shit for months probably closer to a year before I finally snapped out of it. Don't be me man. This is very much a deal breaker regardless of anyone saying otherwise. You can end it now and keep your dignity or you can go down the path I went. You'll message me months/years later saying “you were right, I should've listened” I promise.

    Sorry this happened man but hey, bright side, at least you know now and can stop wasting time immediately. It's gonna be hot, trust me, but I highly recommend dealing with the difficulty and ending it immediately. Like tonight if possible. Good luck with everything

  11. But is she hiding something cause she's cheating or is she trying to avoid drama cause OP refuses to believe a friend is just a friend? It could go either way.

  12. You are utterly wrong. So by your logic, if someone told you they murdered someone in confidence, does that mean you’re not obliged to inform the police about said murder?

  13. Exactly. My wife and I have been together almost a decade now, since our early 20's. When we first were together and discussing things, we talked about having kids. Multiple children in fact. We also agreed to have a long engagement as it gave us more time to make sure this is what we want forever. After about 4 or 5 years of being engaged, we had this conversation again, and neither of us wanted children. We get married and had completely different life goals from when we were basically kids.

  14. Pointing something out is not being rude. Your own posts show it, “more beautiful girls” “bit chubby compared to other girls”. You are constantly putting yourself down to show how great it is that he picked you.

  15. i agree with the other commentor, it seems like manipulation on his part if this is happening every time this situation pops up. almost like it's his go to strategy, to deflect and make you the victim.

    on that note, this does seem like DARVO – deny, attack ,reverse victim and offender, a gaslighting tactic

  16. I think he’d have enough respect for me to not mouth off about my girl in bed….

    So, if he had disclosed their sexual history it would have been “mouthing off about your girl I'm bed” but her not disclosing it all up front is wrong of her???

    Make this make sense OP.

  17. did you enter into the relationship with her knowing your friend used to hook up with her? did you meet her through him?

  18. First off, the after school nonsense has to stop. Him or his wife need to be home when their daughter arrives, so you can be home to take care of your own things. Second, there is no reason you can't watch the baby at your house, a cat is not a reason to be so thoroughly inconvenienced, and you never agreed to mind their older child in the first place.

    Next call a couple daycare places and some nannies, ask what they would charge to watch a baby all day, five days a week. Average out what they charge, tell the brother that's your rate, and if it's not reflected in how he compensates you AND if someone cant be home to mind their older child, they have 2 weeks to figure out a new arrangement.

    Daycare is wildly expensive (as it should be, it's demanding work) he's being cheap and taking advantage of you. He is not treating you like family, more like a servant.

    Ultimately they're his kids, his and and wife's problem, and your priority should be your own home and family. Not his. And that's all you have to say.

  19. This is the only aspect she spoke about she says God spoke to her directly …I don’t know when next or what next Gods gonna tell her to do

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