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Date: September 25, 2022

12 thoughts on “AndreLovePornhubStar on-line sex chats for YOU!

  1. Why do you want to marry him so badly if he up and left you like it was nothing? You’re 20 years old, find someone who doesn’t just up and leave. That kind of behavior does should not be rewarded.

  2. Was your husband also very drunk? It doesn’t excuse their actions, but if he was sober and she was wasted, that sounds like he took advantage of her.

    Unless that’s what happened, all you can really do is take time to yourself to recoup and decide what you want to do. Your husband cheated, can you get over that? Most couldn’t. You should think about divorce.

    Your sister betrayed you. Can you ever forgive her for that? I wouldn’t be able too.

    It would be better to have these people out of your life then in it if this is how they’re going to treat you. No real loss in my opinion.

  3. If the gym can't find it (I hope they can) I'd show him this post, to be honest. You communicate your feelings well here.

  4. Have you talked to him about the lack of intimacy? It sounds from your post like you are panicking internally, but have you two talked about the issues?

  5. I appreciate your optimism with pushing the divorce out two years. I was going to guess this would be one where the marriage and divorce happen in the same year.

  6. The strange part is that the mother plans on listing her surname. She also don’t want me to be listed as the father. However she wants child support money from me. How much should I give her? Half my paycheck?

  7. Honestly, for me, it’s because I know what it looks like when you’re just coming off your period, or when you’re right about to get it. It can be either clots, or brown and dried. It’s not dirty or shameful, we just respect you enough to know you probably don’t want that in your mouth. Especially by surprise. I couldn’t relax enough for it to be worth it, and your wife probably feels the same.

    And by “fertile window” do you mean she only lets you do it for 5 days a month? Or just for a few days before and after her period?

  8. About half the people in the world are women. You're going to talk to them, work with them, interact with them as people from time to time, because they are in fact people. Your partner is bananas.

  9. Don’t isolate yourself from your family, if you want to go to a party is your right to be there. Do however completely ignore her. She thrives on control so don’t give it to her. If you ever find yourself alone voice record her. That idiot will give herself away to try to get a reaction. Have an honest conversation with someone in your family you trust. Try to be around them at parties, eventually someone will notice her behavior.

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