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Date: September 25, 2022

9 thoughts on “Anastaxialynn on-line webcams for YOU!

  1. A girlfriend is actually going to want to spend time with her boyfriend, other than just be there for sex. Sorry, but that's the reality. She did not make you take up an insane workload, plus playing in bands? Perhaps those band gigs are actually a problem? In reality YOU spend little time sitting around the house – while you are studying, working and in bands – you are not at home much. She's probably correct, you don't do as much fun stuff as a couple. You say the program you want to do is not available where you live, and she doesn't want to move. Honestly, at this point just break up. That's where this long complaint of her not understanding you and your problems is going… right? You are wanting us to confirm that you are awesome (well no not really) and she is unreasonable (again, no not really), so the option is to break up (just go ahead – at this point, free her to move on and find someone else).

    Good luck with that studying, working, band thing.

  2. Hates you?? That is a very violent and normally resentful feeling. Doesn’t loves you anymore would be more normal. So what is that all about? I can understand you are broken after this but you must now get angry. Think about how you want the rest of your life to look and do everything you want. If you decide to stay with him, then you can live your own life if your marriage is irreparable, while keeping the comforts of his unattractive offer. Go and see your lawyer. Where is your family? Sorry I can’t check if you mentioned this before. Go also to get your therapy. If you could indeed ‘go anytime’ he has taken a lot from you and made your life now depressing. I think your husband is a nasty selfish person.

  3. I still hold love for all the people that have come and gone from my life. I'm sorry that your exs left you feeling indifferent, but I can honestly say I love many and it has nothing to do with disrespect. If my current partner was bothered and felt slighted by the fact I still love people I haven't spoken to in years then they aren't the one for me. I may be playing Devils advocate here, but hey its who I am. I have no interest in being with, being friends with, or reaching out to any of my exes, but if they did I wouldn't be ashamed to let them know they are loved and hold a place in my heart that no person can take from me. I absolutely love my current partner even more for allowing me to love so happily.

  4. Lady, your daughter won't want to talk to you. You think this is great for everyone because you are getting d!cked everyday while your daughter is with her dad and you can be a disneyland mom.

    But your daughter will never forget how you choose to send her live with her dad because your husband didn't wanted her.

    You'll have zero relationship with her way before she turn 16.

  5. OP's girl has a different view and yall are quick to call her stupid and comment on her critical thinking skills? Yaaaa maybe she dodged a bullet.

    Getting super sheepy vibes from this thread

  6. I mean if you asked a friend if they wanted to hang out and they were like eh I’ve got a 10% desire to hang out with you, would you want to hang out? Try to change their mind?

  7. This is valid about having apprehension about how your body will change. I have had doctors look at me and say ' this condition was exacerbated by your pregnancy ' and ” this condition often develops after a woman has a child”. I have three conditions that I take medicine for that affect my daily life. I love my child. Yet I had no idea that I could be sitting up at 4 AM in pain due to pregnancy and childbirth, seven years after delivering a child.

  8. She sounds status obsessed and materialistic. You're already making more money than the majority of people. This reminds me of an excellent show I just watched on FX called “Fleischman is in Trouble.”

    This was one of the central conflict of the characters in the show. Fleischman was successful doctor making 300k year but his wife had a bunch of rich friends who all looked down on him because they made a million or more. She was constantly pushing him to make more money even though they were more well off with both of their salaries than the majority of people.

    You have to decide how much more money is worth to you. Ambition is fine. But is it worth working yourself to the bone or taking a job at some morally reprehensible consulting firm just so you can be richer than rich? What is enough for you to be happy? Is money worth sacrificing that happiness for? Is it the most important thing? Why does your girlfriend care so much about how much money you make when together you make more than enough to live extremely comfortably? Does she not value the other things you bring to the relationship as a person? These are the questions you should ask yourself and maybe her?

  9. There is not a universal dating rule book that humans have to follow, and you should be skeptical of people who tell you otherwise.

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