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Date: September 24, 2022

8 thoughts on “anapanda

  1. yeah but i just feel like i also continued it if i didn’t say no to him starting it and maybe should’ve communicated better. i just feel a bit guilty for some reason. thank you for the advice

  2. Ok lol s of details but I’m stuck on the mud on the shirt. Don’t you usually disrobe for spa treatments? That’s the norm

  3. I will also add that this retroactive jealousy is very illogical since she self-admitted to going out with two men before meeting you. I find it very unlikely that she was perfectly chaste with them the entire time and got to the age of 26 as a spotless virgin.

  4. Damn imagine your prioritize fucking a 18 yr old over your own son.

    I almost died of laughter cause I read this as fucking an 18 year old instead of fucking her son LOL

  5. Why bother dealing with this before it comes up? Plenty of people wouldn’t care so long as you aren’t constantly looking at it and reminiscing.

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