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Date: October 1, 2022

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  1. That's what I thought do too. He found out this whole baby thing was not for him, so he's effing the coworker and projecting so she's the one who leaves and so he's not the bad guy.

  2. Just never talk to him again. Let him work it out for himself. Never drink that much again? What a fuckin joke. He would have to completely stop going to bars if there is any hope of him not drinking that much again, not gonna happen anytime soon. He was so excited to get drunk that he couldn't even wait for you to join the party. Then he “got lost” because his friends were the priority, not you.

    I have a brother that gets black out drunk (angry drunk) and starts fights, taking care of a train wreck like that is terrifying. I had a friend that would get black out drunk (reckless drunk) and would run from the cops and lose all rationality. Just don't. You aren't even super serious with him, move on to better people than that. Drinking releases his rage, jealousy, competition, domination. It feels good while it's happening and then the next day he loses memory of it anyways, he's not going to change for a casual girlfriend.

  3. If he doesn't exhibit any other signs of possessive controlling behavior, he might have been trying to be funny

  4. Is there any particular reason that you're still not married?

    I think the two of you need to have a serious talk. The idea that she would reverse her family planning decision because her friends are having children is alarming to me. It either indicates that she is extremely weak-minded or that she was never fully on board with being child-free.

    Also, the idea of building new friendships is excellent advice. You are at a stage in life where it is very common to establish new social circles based on location, career, outside interests, and family. Her friends are going to be less available once they become parents – and if they are not less available that means they are sort of shitty people/parents.

  5. Alright, so Reddit really isn't the place for this if it's real.

    But give him some space. If after a few days, he's not ready to talk, I would suggest marriage counseling, or possibly even seeing a sex therapist. When exploring fantasies and kink, it can bring up unexpected things for us. It's very possible that your husband is realizing something about himself that came up from the session. Or, maybe it truly is unrelated.

    Give him some time and then ask him if you can talk honestly. Stop bringing up the session and just ask if anything is bothering him, and reassure him that you love him and are there for him.

    Good luck OP.

  6. People are really having a tough time distinguishing the difference between grief and current desire, so maybe this will help.

    How would you feel if a childhood home was knocked down? Does being sad about it mean you still want to live there?

  7. so, he is a second choice. a mere fuckbuddy among other fuckbody. and when the top candidat goes exclusive with someone else, all of sudden you talk about feeling with the second choice fuckbuddy whose only relation with you is to fuck.

    i really don't see what could have gone wrong with your plan…

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