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Date: September 29, 2022

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  1. I believe they are good. Very much on chill and happy side, they are greedy guts though and you have to be careful with food control as they will devour everything. This includes food that is bad for puppies and dropped pills. So you need to be very careful to keep food out of reach, take medication and vitamins in a different room and stuff puppy proof. Yes, you can train them but that will depend on the puppy and yourself. They are sweet natured children basically. I think exercise needs are moderate, but google will tell you for sure (maybe one good walk a day). I also think they can be chewers (but really all dogs can be). Definitely look into crate training, it is not cruel, don't use it as a punishment, use it as a quiet time place.

    Reddit has a puppy thread so when the time comes you should hit it up, I think it's puppy101. Oh speaking of, take it to a vet immediately and ask what the most important things you should know are ie you shouldn't walk new puppies very long it's bad for bone development, with sausage dogs you have to stop them from using stairs/jumping cause they get a degenerative spine disease, dogs and tooth health. A good breeder should also tell you breed specific things.

    Start puppy class asap so they are friendly with other dogs (they'll need vaccinations first probably). And as all the pandemic puppies have shown, you need to train them to be cool alone (google, your teachers in class, your friends) should be able to help.

    I like Zak George but find a trainer you like and watch YouTube videos in advance. They go over very common problems and you can pick up tips on how to avoid the problems before they are ingrained. Also…be prepared for the puppy blues, just like with babies they take a lot of work and it can curtail your freedom/impact sleep and in the short term (they grow faster than kids) you can get a bit of depression.

    Just tried mention some of the things but there are plenty of others!

  2. Unlesdls he changes its either that or a lonely life where you get accused of being a cheat/disloyal.

    Does he have friends that are girls btw?

  3. I wanna be the person I was before I read this.

    I don’t feel I need to go into depth why but just dump him….yeah just get out.

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