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feet [Multi Goal]

Date: September 26, 2022

10 thoughts on “AmbraDevine live! webcams for YOU!

  1. thanks. But here in faq it is written that 10 min is normal. no? do you know whether long lasting films are real for orgasm?

    Masturbation? Really? She mentions that sperm is alive for about 12 hours this is why we should be careful. right?

  2. Yeah I get it … even if she says she doesn’t remember and that’s not like her at all? Why would she lie about that?

  3. It’s great to have dreams but he needs to step it up in real life too.

    I (44F) make a lot more than my partner. For me, it’s not just about money it’s about the drive and work ethic. I couldn’t be with someone who lacked those things.

    You could try couples counseling but it seems to me that he’s just not rooting himself in reality.

  4. And if you’re deleting messages for “space”, it’s definitely not worth telling anyone about. It’s so inconsequential that bringing it up makes you suspicious.

  5. They’re late 20s FFS. Far more normal to have had sexual experiences by then, whatever your culture.

  6. Fuck that, he broke a prone man's arm in cold blood. They're both awful. That's not protecting your wife, that's revenge

  7. No she didn't. They talked about it off and on. She said doesn't think she wants kids. Besides she's allowed to change her mind. A lot can change in five years in a relationship.

  8. I bet he still has it hidden somewhere on the phone. Time for you to be the expert to help mom to find it.

    Good luck dear!

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