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Date: September 26, 2022

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  1. You had no reason to feel hurt. You created a reason to feel hurt in your mind. You behaved childishly. He did not “pick his safety over yours.” He was getting a drunk friend home. You knew what the situation was and chose to behave the way you did. If at any point you felt like it wasn't a safe area and wanted someone to walk with you, you were responsible for communicating that message. What you chose to do was try to make him feel worried about you and do what you wanted, when that did not work, you amped up your behavior to crying and histrionics to get the desired response from him. You were manipulating his emotions for you.

  2. Disgust is a strong word, I agree. But I can understand not respecting someone’s career choices while still being turned on by them.

  3. So dramatic lol. He’s 20, not 12. He’s an adult. He also chased me. No one is preying on anyone. But think what you want. My step dad’s wife was 20 yrs younger and it was a long lasting marriage until she died. We can’t help who we fall for. Not saying we’re getting married but the point is just because it’s not always common, doesn’t make it wrong.

  4. Porn addiction can effect libido and excessive masturbation can cause performance issues. Does he have an addiction to porn? Is he hiding it from you?

  5. okay so maybe I was not clear enough with my post and Im sorry about it but the thing is that I trust him with most things but I have been cheated on in 4 earlier relationships, and that is the reason why I dont trust him around my gf and no he was not the one I have been cheated with. but thanks for you reply.

  6. (Also real weird question I've only met about 4 Canadians in my life and they were all the sweetest people ever. Are yall just made of maple over there?)

    There are horrible people and saintly people and everything in between, in every country, Canada included. Having grown up in that country, I can personally attest to that.

  7. – He pursued sex, she said no. – He massaged her hoping she would get aroused and tried again, she said no. – He stopped and left.

    That's the story.

    When we invite someone to increase their level of intimate physical contact with us, via a massage or whatever, it is a pretty common and reasonable thing to read into that a desire for increased physical intimacy.

    He says he read signals, she said she didn't intend to send those signals.


  8. You can break of the relationship for what ever reason you want but talk to her. Tell her why. Ghosting her is just mean when she didn't do anything to deserve it

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