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Date: October 3, 2022

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  1. There are ways you can get out. There are group homes for abused people and things along those lines. Trust is a very hot and sometimes an impossible thing to rebuild after it has been broken, especially when the lines of physical abuse have been crossed.

    You thought he might kill you.

    That’s pivotal. You need to find a way out, and NOW.

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  4. Are you married? Or are you not? If not dump her and live your best life. Move on. She is complaining for no reason at all. Had the shoe been on the other foot would you have complained?

  5. Tell him it's over, stop talking to him.

    You're young and impressionable and he's taking advantage of it, by manipulating you. He's toxic, he has things he needs to work through, clearly.

    Move on. Get a new job. Block his number. Unfollow & block on socials.

    You don't need this. You know what you want – go find that. Stop dating for a while. Move back home. Go back to school. Do for you, find your peace

    EDIT: Forgot – don't apologize. No need for it, everyone makes mistakes. But did you type it up, then make it an image? My Reddit Mobile shows the edits as different font & what looks like an image.

  6. Stop trying to justify what you said. Judging by your fiancées reaction, she's not fully decided on whether she wants kids, she might want them down the road but not yet.

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