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Date: September 30, 2022

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  1. No means no. Do not ask her out again. She thought about her answer before she gave it. You said in another comment that you won't ask her again “for the time being”. Why would you cross her boundaries and ask her out again after she clearly said no? You are not in love you are merely infatuated. Women are so over shit like this.

  2. Woke ideology is a scourge upon society. Sorry for your loss bro, I lost my ex in almost the exact same way so I feel you, I do. You’re 23, the love of your life likely hasn’t appear yet, don’t lose hope.

  3. Okay I think I'll text him, hopefully he wants to hang out again, but if he doesn't then I'll at least know and I can move on. Thank you so much! Your advice gave me much confidence!

  4. i think the comments here are unreasonably judgmental. you’ve only been dating a couple months. yes, i think you should tell her but everyone is acting like you’re gonna fall over and die any second now and like you’re hiding a huge part of your life. just tell her you were waiting to tell her until it felt comfortable, or don’t bother explaining yourself and just tell her you have something to tell her. i don’t think this is life altering news to hear about someone else, and she’s probably a reasonable adult who will understand that you told her when you felt comfortable telling her.

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