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  1. Its pretty obvious why he's not excited, but I dont undress why you're making an issue out of it. She chose you, not him so if he's upset over that, then thats a him problem not you.

    Just leave it alone.

  2. Commenters don't seem to understand what the issue is here.

    Your wife has something she wants to ask. But rather than just asking, she acts like coloumbo and asks around the issue and tries to guess what you think.

    She then behaves as though her guess is what you want.

    You are trying to explain that trying to guess what someone wants isnt being nice, its annoying because she can just ask you and you will communicate your want directly.

    This leads you to need to be very careful about all your answers because if you don't answer correctly she assumes something incorrect and then doesn't express herself.

    You need to explain the issue is that she isnt doing what you want. She is guessing what you want. That's the issue. Her method is ineffective!

  3. The longer you wait the harder it'll get

    She sent photos of your daughter and nudes of herself to a known scammer….is this the person you want to spend your life with?

  4. Just don't interac.

    Or interac as friends.

    It can be done if they're a decent person.

    Yes it will probably awkward. But you gotta suck it up as the other option is even more uncomfortable.

    Maybe next time we'll probably hear you've been pressured to sex just because you wanted to avoid a scene lol.

  5. What is the boundary if this is a repeat problem? Doesn't seem like there is one. Repeating the same things over & over aren't boundaries.

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