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  1. I’m confused. You told him “let me know if you want to to meet up”. He responded and let you know that he wanted to meet up. 2+2 equals 4, I’m not really seeing where the disconnect is here

  2. If that's the truth, then why would you want her? You are not her first choice, so let it go. You should always find the person who wants you more than they want anyone else. Not that they never wanted anyone else, or that they don't want other people a tiny bit, but that you're worth more to them than everyone else on the planet, combined.

    Don't settle for being someone's second choice.

  3. I’m not saying you’re necessarily wrong that he was shitty, but he came back, apologized, and asked you out again. To be fair to you, it wasn’t much of an effort, but you said you were busy which is life always, let alone last minute.

    He didn’t follow up to reschedule, nor did you. I could see how both of you just assumed a complete lack of interest. Reach out, talk it out, and set up a date. If he flakes again, then cut it off.

    In his defense, he tried to talk to you and you blew him off, so I don’t think it’s crazy that he was upset about it. One has nothing to do with the other.

    No one would blame you for cutting contact based on everything. But the thing is, you want to talk to him. If that’s the case, you can’t play games.

  4. Don't look at reading the letters as regret. You would be living wondering what they said. Now that you know, you can move on.

    Seriously, if she valued your relationship she wouldn't follow-up with a blame letter.

    As far as hitting you up outside of your home, be prepared for you to have to deal with her in other capacities. I am hoping she doesn't try to physically meet up with you.

    Stay strong. Your Reddit family supports you.

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