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Date: October 2, 2022

13 thoughts on “Aliice-Grayy on-line sex cams for YOU!

  1. I would care if a “friend” acted this way. Or I wouldn’t since I have self respect and wouldn’t keep these people in my life

  2. What about models then? Don’t you think they make some dudes horny?

    I would have no problem selling pics of my feet to someone. I would however not be able to sell sex. I think those are very different and I would not call someone selling feet pics a sex worker. If anything, they unlocked a very lucrative business and I’m jealous.

  3. If you tell me you are cheating you just made it my business.

    THANK YOU! It’s not like this is a random acquaintance whose marriage you are blowing up based on seeing them on a supposed date or something. It’s a “friend” who is a shitty partner and flat out admitted what they are doing. If they wanted to keep it a secret they shouldn’t have told anyone ??‍♀️

  4. Blow it up. They both need consequences for their disgusting choices.

    Tell your mom and tell everyone. She deserves to know who her partner really is.

  5. Yeah. Just consider how many “post pick up artist” groups they are celebrating their new beloved family some dude helped them get.

    If you want to understand women you should talk to them. Not to men telling you they definitely understand women.

    They are heavily predisposed to giving you bad advice, to keep you in their world giving them money, they aren't trying to help.

    Best advice I've had is – you need to match physical attraction. So many 6 dudes going for 8s!

    And just be kind.

  6. I wonder what her reaction would've been if he was just like “ay bro, time to get going” and let the guy leave without a struggle after they literally broke into his place.

    It would be a scary thing to go through, he didn't know the burglar's full intentions – it's understandable that he immediately went into fight mode.

  7. Listen, you’re going to more than likely get shit on here, and honestly rightfully so. The thing is, your concerns are absolutely legitimate; you’re just presenting them horribly, and you also have a very illogical and quite frankly archaic idea of how healthy relationships should operate.

    In saying that, let me back up and disclose that I’m a guy and I’m happily married. I also generally lean to the right for the most part, which I’m telling you so that you don’t just blindly make an assumption otherwise.

    But let’s now focus on reality. You’re still essentially strangers and you’re mapping out your future. It’s not that these discussions shouldn’t happen, because assessing compatibility is literally the most fundamental aspect of finding a healthy relationship. The problem is that you don’t seem to understand what compatibility is.

    You have a mindset that you should be a gentleman, treat women with respect, and be a good partner. Guess what? That’s exactly the mindset you should have. These should be baseline expectations. Now, I have a lot more regarding what I’m about to say next so keep reading, but you’re being dishonest when you say that you do all these things with no expectations followed by telling us you have physical expectations. You just need to acknowledge that.

    But here’s the thing; it’s ok to want sex! It’s not faux pas. It doesn’t make you a bad person. You’re entitled to want as much sex as you want. On the other end, she’s entitled not to. Unfortunately, that means you’re sexually incompatible.

    In your case, the deeper issue is you have this belief (as do many others), that because you’ve been a great person and partner, sex should be a foregone conclusion. That’s not how healthy relationships work. Sex shouldn’t be transactional.

    You shouldn’t think she should want sex because you’ve been a great partner. She should want sex because she wants sex. She doesn’t want sex. This is where you become absolutely absurd.

    You’re now trying to buy her affection. Why are you doing all this shit? I’m honestly not trying to be mean here, but I unfortunately need to be blunt; you’re being pathetic. I hate that I even said that. Honestly I’d rather you just PM me to talk this through.

    But you’re going about all of this the wrong way. You’re sexually incompatible and fighting it. This isn’t something you can negotiate.

  8. So I had a talk over the phone today with her . Obvious shes still extremly hurt and confused and I asked her what yshe wants moving forward …she can't help but bring up what I did and that I didn't show her love and care on top of other things …she said if I need answers now , she thinks theres no happiness to be found but she's been saying she's been extremely confused . So I suggested if going our own way makes her feel better we will go that route and she said she doesn't have much of a choice . On a side note whenever she calls: she just wants to talk about what I did and not solve anything moving forward which honestly I can't fix what I did . I only can fix what's going forward . I understand extremly hurt and confused and that's why she brings it up all the time but it doesn't fix us . How do you suggest I handle that ? I'm at a loss

    However back to the topic …she still wants me to get them a place and setrlw down the kids so the kids and spend a few days with them so they don't feel as bad but shes trying to make it seem like we are still a family . I'm all for that expect making it seem like we are a living family ? I've not idea how to handle this and need some serious advise . Thank you

  9. I’m sorry this happened to you, that was a terribly shitty thing she did. If I were you I’d go no-contact, she doesn’t deserve any response from you.

  10. If you want to know how he’s feeling, you have to ask him. Be honest about how you feel and what you want and ask him about how he feels. That’s all there’s is to it. We don’t know him and can’t read his mind.

  11. She should be in jail. I get the best friend was 18 and legally an adult but nope. She belongs in prison. Not a therapists office.

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