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Date: September 19, 2022

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  1. i don't agree with a lot of the commenters. it was a pretty harmless question where it was obvious you wanted reassurance and not a ranking. its possible you felt a bit insecure during your convo about exes and he just cemented it. you even gave him a second chance asking him to rate you. again, obviously a way to get some love. but he fucked that up too.

    people here on reddit act like everybody needs to be 100% logical at all times but emotions are a thing guys. yes, he's with her cause he likes her but rating your girlfriend a 7/10 is just…. people need reassurance even if they're in a relationship. insecurities exist, everybody has them in some way. for your boyfriend to (not just think) say to her face his exes are hotter than her is just hurtful.

    being honest isn't something to be proud of if you're hurting others feelings.

  2. So the questions are: how much is the child's mom in the picture? Is she ever present? Is she pleasant to him is she pleasant to you? Are you willing to treat his kid with the love a mom can provide? What does the kid think?

    You don't need to answer here. These are the questions you need answered to yourself to decide if this is right for you.

    If you and he were to marry and have children, could you treat your step child with the safe love and affection as your own?

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